Maybe, just maybe, snooker’s years of self-destructive internecine infighting is finally at an end.

Barry Hearn has earned a mandate to bring his unique brand of enthusiasm and business nous to snooker.

He asked the players for their backing and they have given it. Let’s not kid ourselves, the sport is still divided pretty sharply but Hearn now deserves support. It is in everyone’s interests that he succeeds.

I agree with Stephen Hendry, who said last week: “Whoever comes out the winner at the other end, there should be a shaking of hands and none of the acrimony that has belittled snooker for so long.”

Hopefully Hendry can persuade others to abide by this commitment.

What was interesting about the campaign against Hearn – which mainly consisted of a series of anonymous email smears – was that nobody, not one person, questioned his ability to do the job.

They couldn’t because his record speaks for itself. He has been putting money into snooker since before any of the 96 players currently on the professional circuit were making a living from it.

Many disagree with the terms of his plan, taking a 51% share in World Snooker Limited, but Hearn did not want to leave himself at the mercy of various interest groups within the sport threatening to vote him out every six months.

Can he deliver? We all hope so. He will certainly now throw himself into the job.

I don’t agree with all of his proposals. Snooker should not be cheapened but its image clearly needs to change and we need to try new things...even if they don’t work.

Hearn will lead from the front but for all his cheery, down-to-earth bonhomie he is, underneath, tough as old boots and will expect the players to play their full part.

Enough of the past. It’s littered with missed opportunities, wrong turns and expensive, self indulgent arguments that have taken the sport nowhere but backwards.

Here’s to the future. May the great game of snooker rise again.


Monique said...

Amen! :)

Snookerfan4711 said...

well said, Dave! So. Let's do this and support the new boss :-)

John McBride said...

"It is in everyone’s interests that he succeeds." DH

“Whoever comes out the winner at the other end, there should be a shaking of hands and none of the acrimony that has belittled snooker for so long.” SH

Thankfully, most of us are capable of reading & hearing things everyday. Some pieces of wisdom, like the 2 pieces above, need to be taken on board, just like this little piece of wisdom I heard so many moons ago...

"Most of us are blessed with 2 ears & 1 mouth. Shouldn't that mean we should listen twice us much as we should talk?".

Hopefully, my own 'quip' there has now happened, & as the man said, "It is in everyone’s interests that he succeeds."

Please now, let it happen....

CHRISK5 said...

It will be interesting to keep
track of how many of the 20 events
carrying ranking points - that
the players enter - it would be a telltale sign of their desire &
commitment to their profession.

I look forward to seeing how
Snooker Scene magazine is going to design it's ranking table page!

I hope my 'mate' OldSchool &
many pro's like him will
seize their chance to make the most of the packed calendar.

Other important issues can wait to another day.

So,all together now....Snooker Loopy nuts are we.....

Anonymous said...

Even if you were against Hearn. Forget about it now.
All snooker players and fans must now unite and do our bit to get this sport back to where it belongs!

darrus said...

Well said, Dave!
Now let's hope that everyone will work for the future of the game.

Anonymous said...

If anyone can straighten out snooker Barry Hearn can, I only hope members north of the border and all those connected with them play their part in ensuring snooker's success, now they can't disrupt things any more, because if they don't they may be left behind.


Dave, when you say snooker should not be cheapenened, I'm not sure whether you mean financially or image-wise.

In order for the game to attract new fans, and primarily the younger generation, we need to "tack" it up a bit, even temporarily.

These gimmicky events can slot into the calendar alongside the proper events and allow the viewer, whether they be slapstick or purist, to enjoy the game.

Initially, at least, shoot outs and big break types have to be introduced.

It is the only way to get the kids watching, and hopefully, playing.

In any event, if the chairman veers too far from the norm, the union can have a word.

Ray said...

Well said Dave.Praise the Lord that Barry's got it. Two undeniable truths have come out of this whole affair -
1) There are 29 pro players who have the brains of a rocking horse.
2)There are a lot of anonymous cowards out there who sent inflammatory emails to BH.
Whatever you say about Barry if he's got something to say he'll say it to your face like a proper man.
If he can't do the job then nobody can.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone unites and I hope Peter Ebdon leads the way, showing grace in defeat. Although I don't know how calmly I would have reacted if Hearn had lost I do sincerely hope that the Walker-turned-Davison block stay loyal to the sport and Barry Hearn.

Personally, I am in a state of bliss. This could have turned very ugly indeed but common sense prevailed in the end. Phew!!

Anonymous said...

Apparantly all PTC and ranking qualifying events at EIS Sheffield are going to be Friends and Family ticketed only - no room for spectators.
Can you imagine World final qualifying round Steve Davis v Ken Doherty with just 10 friends and family watching!!
Seems a bad start to the New Era - a lot of us used to go to qualifying events and really enjoy the experience.
Why are you driving people away already Barry?
Please at the least put the final 2 qualifying rounds of UK Champs and World Champs on at the Badminton Hall EIS as before.

From a Prestatyn fan.

Anonymous said...

Whoever thought Peter Ebdon's support would win any votes needs their head reading

SupremeSnooker.com said...

I broadly agree with Baary Hearn's plan and the disagreements I have are over matters of detail rather than principle. He's had my full support all along and I wish him every success in the role.
Those of you who are concerned about snooker being 'cheapened' ought not to worry too much.
The World Championship and UK Championship won't change much so far as the format goes. I'd also expect waistcoats and bow ties to stay for these events.
Certain events, like the Grand Prix, were past their sell by date and needed reinventing. I welcome the format of the new 'World Open' though I have some reservations as to whether the use of the word 'World' is wise when it may devalue the World Championship. On the other hand, in PDC darts the World Grand Prix and World Matchplay have existed alongside the World Championship for many years and it may not be such a problem after all.
The Welsh Open certainly needs livening up and bringing into the 21st century and I'm glad Barry shares my view on this.
There are huge challenges ahead. It won't be easy, and snooker's image won't be transformed overnight. Mistakes are inevitable. However, I believe that as far as administrative and commercial matters go, this is the best thing to happen to snooker for many, many years.
I urge those of you who previously had reservations to respect the vote and give Barry the support he deserves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of your points there dave, though I don't feel the need to go ott and say Amen.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Hello Dave
How are you! I hope the vote went to your choosing. My only regret Dave is the life long loss of the beautiful games “Heart and Soul” to sell possible to the highest bidders as there was no sellback clause offered to the WPBSA.

There is no doubt the deal is real and even if the cost becomes considerable higher to Barry and Matchroom it is unlikely to ever be offered back to the WPBSA. The deal today Dave has probable already doubled its value if offered on the Stock Exchange.

Snooker Players world are a little like sheep and only hear the loudest “Baaa;s and are very partial to “Jam To-Day” not tomorrow.
The next person that becomes WPBSA Chairman may be able to sell whats left of the game back to himself?

Mr Hey You

oldschool said...

chrisk5 .great lots more events. do like the way you swerved to answer that i told u certain players dont get in some events cus they might not vote a certain way . still your 'mate' though even though u dont know about these things. again i only deal in facts. i like your input but dont comment on things u dont know go on in this game.