BBC2 will screen a special programme paying tribute to Alex Higgins on September 1 at 9pm.

The programme includes contributions from players, commentators and various others who knew Higgins, who died last month at the age of 61.


Anonymous said...

Someone please post it on youtube... Beeb is off limits here.

Anonymous said...

What a great character Higgins was, and a great ambassador for the game. Sorely missed by all.

Colin Viajante-Mendoza said...

Agree with 8.28PM

Characters like Alex will indeed be sorely missed. The modern day ambassadors like O'Sullivan, Murphy, Dott, Holt etc simply don't compare.

Can't wait for the show. I'll tape it and try to post it in parts on YouTube.

Leon MonĨiunskas said...

Labas - I post from Lithuania. Alex Higgans great player ever. I play him in Kaunas 10 year past. He visit Estonia and Lithuania to help Omnibet gamble company. He like Lithuania vodka and he drink many glass.

I want snooker return Lithuania. Many good player.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Colin. I would really appreciate that.

Ray said...

I'm really looking forward to September 1st,with the Alex Higgins documentary and also Barry Hearn's big announcements on snooker.

Dave - would I be right in thinking that from the time Alex picked up a cue he never employed a coach? Was it the case, as Frank Sinatra sang, "I did it my way"

(PS I am a fairly new computer user and since finding this blog I am wondering what I did before.It's marvellous and much appreciated in this house and shows you've got snooker running through your veins)

Anonymous said...

Was Clive Everton involved in the documentary?


It was a great show on wednesday night, and another fitting tribute to Alex Higgins. I watched and recoreded it, to add to my ever growing snooker collection. Clive Everton was, indeed, involed in this documentary. I wish to thank him, and all others that contributed to this documentary. It was a cracker.
Thanks for the memories and R.I.P. to "The Hurricane." Also "The People's Champion", that is Alex Higgins X