Judd Trump was the last man standing at the Paul Hunter Classic in Furth, winning the title with a 4-3 defeat of Anthony Hamilton tonight.

Trump, 21 last week, has thus taken a significant step towards qualifying for the grand finals next March.

Having started playing at the age of five, it feels like Judd has been around a long time but he is still a young man and this victory is proof of his considerable talent.

He has risen in the rankings every year he's been on the tour but not at the rapid rate many predicted. However, Trump himself never made any predictions. He has just done what he's always done: played snooker.

If he can curb his natural attacking tendencies and play the percentages more I've no doubt he will be successful in the major events.

I know Ronnie O'Sullivan, who has practised with him at The Grove in Romford, rates him very highly.

And I'd imagine Barry Hearn will be pleased to see this young prospect doing well under his new regime.

Also, well done to Anthony Hamilton - one of the nicest guys on the circuit - for reaching the final after a few lean years.

I understand this now established and popular tournament was very well attended again and no doubt the crowds were cheered by the two oldest players on the tour - Steve Davis and Jimmy White - reaching the quarter-finals.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Well done on Judd winning. I thought he may get one eventually on the PTC tour as he has been consistent in most of the tournaments, but been unfortunate to come against good opposition in previous ones.

Just out of interest, why are the EPTC tournaments giving access to supporters and the Sheffield leg isn't? I know we want to spread the snooker love around the world, but I just thought it was a tad unfair.

Or is this more to do with a possible previous contract with the world series set-up from previous connections?

Thanks, Joe

PS - World Snooker really, really have to sort out the live scoring. Janie leaving Global, means that's slower, but by god, World Snooker are so slow. I even when on the live scoring page the other day and it brought up scores of the first PTC meeting in June.

Would it not be possible for a press officer to put a statement out regarding this, or to email you one to put out, just to put us out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

Back in the hotel. Yes, it was a great tournament again. And the final was a real highlight. Judd came back from 1:3 with his very good breakbuilding. I like the tournament very much. The special atmosphere with all the players mixing with the crowd is really great. I hope I will be there again next year.

Anonymous said...

Anthony one of the nicest guys on the circuit? I mean he didn't even shake Ding's hand when he made a 147 against him in the 2007 Masters.

Matt said...

I think it is literally just the limited space in the Academy Joe, I've not seen the new set-up but I assume that there just isn't any space for fans as in Furth.

Betty Logan said...

Early 20s seems to be the natural development age these days. Ding aside, the youngest winners of a main tour event this century have been Paul Hunter, Matthew Stevens and Shaun Murphy who were all 22. Hunter of course won the Welsh in the 90s, but it certainly puts Ding's achievements into context.

Anonymous said...

11.44PM you have no idea what you're talking about

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the clarification...I just thought Hearn would see how things good for the UK leg before issuing tickets to the public.

Thanks, Joe

CHRISK5 said...

What a great advert for the game
Judd Trump is.

I told friends some years ago,I could see Trump winning lots of
minor events/invitationals in his
formative years - before he makes an impact in the majors.

Jimmy White had a similar trajectory,winning his first event
in 1981 (Northern Ireland Classic)
& then quite afew other events
until he belatedly won his
first ranker,the Mercantile Classic
in 1986.

As for nicknames,'The Juddernaut'
for Judd is quite imaginiative,
a simple one would be 'Ace' for

Anonymous said...

Good to see Trump doing well, especially as Mark King has been quoted on the 110 website as saying the new system isn't working because the likes of Nigel Bond qualified for the World Open.
I assume King has no option but to continue with his crusade against the new regime as he was so against it from the outset.

Anonymous said...

I think its very good for snooker tournaments like this,its great that such a crowd attends and the players mingle among the crowd.

I was wondering does Hamilton get any stick from the other players as his matches seem to take a little longer - I think 2 of his matchs on sunday wenyt an hour or more longer than the others.

I'm all for differnet styles in snooker and each to their own style, Hamilton is as Trump said a tough opponent, I wonder did the crowd get behind Trump becuse of his more attacking style?

Anonymous said...

Does this count as propaganda?


Anonymous said...

4.33, Mark King IS the likes of Nigel Bond, only not as good.

Anonymous said...

That article about the rankings is laughable. It shows they don't even understand the game: and these are the people who wanted to run it!

Anonymous said...

Most of the 110 stable didn't enter the first few ptc events. Then they wonder why they are going down in the rankings.

Anonymous said...

Whoever actually writes the articles for 110 should stick to the facts.

Anonymous said...

110!!!!... Of course it's propaganda! Sad attempt to manipulate the fans. Maybe even the players too if they're thick enough not to see where their best interest lies. Mark King is the living (and, unfortunately, the talking) proof!!

Anonymous said...

It was a great pleasure to see all the young guys at Fürth beside the legens (Jimmy, Davis).
It was not only Judd. Daniel Wells (Semi) and Ants McGill played so well. And Jack Lisowski scored several centuries before his amazing run was stopped by the winner-to-be.
Don't forget plate winner Benn Woolaston. Amateur Ian Glover nearly edged out Jamie Cope in the first round forcing him to play really good stuff to succeed.

P.S. And it really was very tough watching Anthony Hamilton ALL THE TIME (his sunday match time was over 11 hours in total!!!!!).

Executor said...

ANON 8:12 PM

And you certainly must have forgotten Michael White in the process...

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I certainly did...

He was not on my focus at Fürth, but yor are definitely right to add him to those i mentioned.