It was once written in a newspaper that Barry Pinches spends his time “lording it round the snooker clubs of Norwich.”

There have been a lot of odd things written over the years but this will take some beating.

Anyone who knows Barry knows that ‘lording it’ is not something he would ever do, in Norwich or anywhere else.

Most people seem to assume he will be easily beaten by Stephen Hendry at the Bahrain Championship today.

I would offer a note of caution to Hendry fans.

You don’t need a particularly long memory to recall their match in the second round of the 2004 World Championship, which went to a deciding frame before Hendry won 13-12.

The seven times Crucible champion has also won their other two meetings but Pinches, who wears a distinctive waistcoast in his beloved Norwich City’s colours, is one of those players who can cause all sorts of problems for players not on their game.

He’s been a pro for 19 years now and although he has never quite risen above journeyman status he has a maximum to his name and is closing in on 100 centuries (currently on 92).

He has already had two tons in Manama this week and will exploit any errors coming from the cue of Hendry.

Barry’s in the position of having nothing to lose, really. Hendry, on the other hand, is desperate for a good run and so will be the one under pressure.

It's all live on Eurosport at 12pm UK time.


Anonymous said...

pinches, what we saw of him, didnt look to be playing bad.

hendry moved through the gears like a guy full of confidence. something weve hardly seen in the last two seasons or so.


Anonymous said...

Nope, 5:1 to Hendry-can't remmeber when he won 3 matches in a row:)

kimball said...

Well that was in Sheffield 2008:-)
but when did you see him play so perfect?
He did not miss one shot, it was 100%, even Joe Johnson was amazed.

Baby Jenx said...

Keep those predictions coming Dave!! Ha, only kidding, great commentary and great match today!

Baby Jenx

Matt@PSB said...

Excellent again. Completely agree with what you said in commentary too Dave, I think that some people have forgotten just how good Hendry was at his very best. Hopefully this will remind them.

Anonymous said...

It'd be nice to think that Hendry has returned to his former,imperious,best but a few good/very good frames hardly constitutes a full revival.
I hope he continues to play well but reckon he'll soon start making the same mistakes he has over the past few years.
I think we can finally write of Michael Holt now.I was really hoping he'd make the breakthrough one day but the calamitous defeat today surely means there is no way back.

Anonymous said...

The longer this tournament goes on the more the I think Hendry's name is on the trophy.Everything from the withdrawels to the shock results to his own return to form seems to have fallen into plaCe for him.I didn't see the match today but if he he really did look as good as people are saying then he is goeing to take some stopping.How was his long game today?
I don't want to tempt faith but he should make the final now where he will probably meet Allen/Maguire.Either match would be an absoloute belter but also very tough.However I am beginning to believe again.COME ON STEPHEN.

kimball said...

There wasn,t so much long game, but he was 100% perfect

Matt@PSB said...

Stevens will be a tough match though, he's in his element in front of the cameras and knows how to beat Hendry, having done so several times before in big, big matches.

Baby Jenx said...

It will Matt

But that's if Hendry gets past Milkins and Stevens beats Dale, if they both win thier matches it'll be a cracking semi on Friday...

Should be good tomorrow too.