You write off truly great players at your peril.

Stephen Hendry is the greatest snooker player of all time.

Therefore, it wasn't a huge surprise that he should finally find some form this season, as he did in beating Ricky Walden 5-3 in the Bahrain Championship last night.

The back-to-back centuries he compiled were a reminder of how good Hendry can be.

We should not get carried away. This is only one match, one result.

But he cued very nicely indeed and if he continues this form will take some stopping in Manama this week.

I know Stephen believes he is still good enough to win titles. I personally wouldn't back against it in Bahrain.


RichP said...

You say it's only one match but I think we've seen glimpses of form in his last two premier league matches as well. I'm on at 25/1 e/w so i'd be very happy if he obliged this week. Just needs a bit of consistency now. Common Hendry!

Baby Jenx said...

Good piece Dave, but please, please don't make Hendry your "bet of the week", or he has no chance!

Love your blog.

Baby Jenx

Anonymous said...

As usual, excellent blog, wonderful piece about Murphy as well, your summing says it all.

On another topic, could we have your thoughts on who should get the Masters Wild card invite please. Do you think it would be a good idea if World Snooker drew up a shortlist and allowed an online vote to see who got it.

My three against the field would be Steve Davis, Mark Williams and Ricky Walden for various reasons, and of those only two could possibly win it. Be good to know what you think.


Dave H said...


No chance of a World Snooker poll but, today, my choice would be Ricky Walden as he has won a ranking title this season and I think the quality of the Masters field should reflect that

That said, we could very easily have another player from outside the top 16 winning in Bahrain, which may change things

Baby jenx - I tipped Hendry to win the Northern Ireland Trophy but promise to leave him alone for this one!

Anonymous said...

I think that this tournament is make or break for Hendry.If he wins he will be able to kick on and have a really good season but if he doesn't then he may never win another ranking ttle.As a huge Hendry fan I am desperately hoping he can pull it off.

Claus Christensen said...

If Hendry takes the title drinks are on me.