Are you a former professional snooker player?

Do you know any ex-pro players?

Snooker Scene is interested in tracking down those who have competed on the circuit to find out what they are up to these days.

We were inspired by looking through some back issues and wondering out loud what had happened to all the names in front of us.

We're not really after big names - as their whereabouts are known - but players who had their moments, who played on TV or at the Crucible or had a couple of big wins.

Please get in touch at snookersceneblog@aol.com

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Marcus Stead said...

I can tell you where most of the "obvious" names of yesteryear are, as well as many of the lesser names.
The one significant questionmark is Silvinho Francisco- there was one story I heard that he was now an ice cream man in Chesterfield.
I'm also not 100% certain where Doug Mountjoy is now. He had some serious financial problems a decade or so ago, and at one stage had a website detailing his "An Evening With Doug Mountjoy" tour, but that has been gone for quite a few years now.
Elsewhere, I understand Mark Wildman has now retired to Spain (he was heard commentating on 8 ball pool for Eurosport not all that long ago).
Incidentally, I'll be giving supremesnooker.com a major update over the days ahead.
I've been in poor health for much of the last month but I'm well on the mend now and will bring everything up to date on the website very shortly.