After all the non-entries and withdrawals, one man who will play in the Bahrain Championship is Graeme Dott.

The 2006 world champion broke his wrist playing football at the Shanghai Masters, which cost him his place in that tournament and the Royal London Watches Grand Prix in Glasgow.

He has been told to rest the wrist but fully intends to go to Bahrain and compete.

"To be honest, the wrist is still pretty painful and I would imagine it will be like that for the next few weeks," Dott said.

"I will take pain-killers and hopefully, that will help me. I did not expect to make this event so if I win my first game I will definitely look on it as a bonus.

"If I lose I can at least say I've had a bit of match practice. I'm just desperate to get playing again. I couldn't play in China and I didn't feel any better when I missed the Grand Prix, which was hard to take.

"It's not going to be easy. I've not practiced for six weeks but I will give it my best shot and if I come through it will be a massive boost.

"I've no idea what is going to happen. But put it this way. It's better than sitting in the house.

"It does not seem so long since I was going to the world championship as the defending world champion.

"Now I am 45 provisionally but you have to start somewhere and I need to win some games to move up the rankings as quickly as I can."

Credit to Graeme for going to Bahrain when he had a clear reason not to.

Had he not done so the tournament would have been without the last three world champions.


Monique said...

All praise to Graeme. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Graeme.
His attitude puts others to shame.

Anonymous said...

good lucky dotty

Matt@PSB said...

Fair play to him, guess he needs all the points he can get too.

andy said...

45th provisionally and an former World Champion. That's serious freefall.


Anonymous said...

Do we know what Steve Davis is going to do yet? Also, do we know if Graeme Dott got his ranking points from Shanghai?

Monique said...

I heard he's got the points both for Shanghai and for the GP. Dave can you confirm?

Dave H said...

Yes he has

Davis is playing as far as I know

andy said...

Perry/Day final. I think Perry has the edge because he's playing in the Premier League.


Rich P said...

Davis isn't playing and never was playing.

Anonymous said...

Dott deserves a good run. He's a much better player than most give him credit for. You don't win the Worlds if you haven't got what it takes.