It turns out Graeme Dott's cue was not damaged in an airport after all, although it was damaged somehow and he is now using a new one.

"I don't know where people get these stories from," Graeme told global-snooker.com.

Well, in my case I got it out of a newspaper. I know it's hard to believe, but very occasionally even journalists get the wrong end of the stick, or in this case the cue.

I would like to apologise for impuning the integrity of baggage handlers everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Off topic but I just 'don't know' where else to post this.

Why put 'don't know' as an option in a poll? It's always puzzled me that. What kind of person takes the time to find out about a subject only to have absolutely no opinion on it at all? They even feel compelled to click on the 'don't know' button - what's that all about then? I'm going to tell everyone that I don't have an opinion on this........it's like the old religious argument, do you believe in God? Yes (Christian) or No (Atheist)? or Don't know (Agnostic) - oh come on get off the fence and read up and see what you think.

And I am not an aggrieved baggage handler.

Dear me.

stuartfanning said...

Guess you've had the learn what most of us plebs knew all the time.....don't believe most of what you read in the papers Dave.

Anonymous said...

dont know why youd put dont know