Strathclyde Police have detained and are currently questioning Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett as part of their investigation into the betting irregularities that surrounded their match in last season's UK Championship.

The police statement reads: "Strathclyde Police economic crime unit can confirm that two males aged 28 and 33 have been detained and are assisting Strathclyde police with their enquiries into the alleged irregular betting patterns associated with the snooker match involving Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett at the Maplin UK Championship on 14th december 2008.

"A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal's office when enquiries are complete."

The BBC has confirmed that the two men are Maguire and Burnett.

Maguire won the match 9-3, a scoreline heavily backed in the days prior to their Telford meeting.

Burnett missed the final black with a chance to make it 8-4.

More as it breaks...

EDIT: The BBC news channel will be giving more information in a report at 1.45pm.


Anonymous said...

They have shown a clip on the BBC news showing a bad miss with Burnett over cutting a black that would have seen the score change to a frame result other than the one which had been bet on by many people.

It seems hard to judge the claim on 1 shot. It was a bad miss but he was being hammered in the match and there have been 100s of matches were people are beaten in such a manner and genuinely can't pot easy balls. It also seems in general that the loosing person could throw a match on their own without involving the winner. How much would such a betting coup raise lets say for now £50,000 there must be a limit above which you just can't bet on a match which wasn't a final?. You then have to share it with the people who run around placing the bets and so on; so if you split it with the other player the rewards seem slight when if this goes wrong you are like Hann and Francisco- gone out of the game from which you make your living. It seems hard to fathom that the world no 2 would get involved in such an arrangement when he is part of 110 sport and has the opportunity to make 1000s in deals with sponsors and exhibition games.

Anonymous said...

only taken 9 months, a murder trial would be quicker

Anonymous said...

The truth will out I hope.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
How are you. Scotland seems to be giving this betting problem a lot more importance than elsewhere.
The pot shown on TV wasent easy, in fact it was about the same angle as the shot that gave Dennis Taylor his world title.Mr hey you