Shaun Murphy's preparation for the Paul Hunter Classic could not have been worse. Sick with swine flu, he was holed up in his Sale apartment and had to rely on neighbours bringing round supplies.

But Murphy has never been the sort to let setbacks bother him and he duly bounced back to win the title in Furth, beating Jimmy White 4-0 in the final.

He's now won three titles since losing in the world final in May.

Of course, he'd swap them all for the most famous prize in snooker but the best way to get over disappointment is to get on with the next challenge, however big or small it is.

To quote that well known snooker expert Rocky Balboa: "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."


Anonymous said...

Well done Murphy, btw, does anyone know if he's still getting divorced?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see worldsnooker.com - 'the game's official website - reporting this tournament: NOT!

That'll help the growth of the game in Germany.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.59

couldnt agree more.

its pathetic how in house they are and if thats the source of copy for newspapers reporting snooker now then its up the creek without a paddle.

Dave H said...

I wrote a piece about this very sibject in the latest issue of Snooker Scene.

To break it down simply: worldsnooker.com has done a deal with the Press Association to supply snooker copy, which is then distributed to every newspaper in the country.

If there is nothing on worldsnooker.com, there is nothing on the PA and therefore nothing in the papers.

The governing body has a duty to the sport to promote it and get it as much coverage as possible. They are not fulfilling that duty at present.

Anonymous said...

But at least they reported Ronnie finished 14th in an amateur car race

Wouldn't want to miss that important piece of information

Anonymous said...

anon 12.48pm


im a bit disapointed theres no covarage of sir rodneys sunday lunch.

suerly they should have braught that up lol

on a more serious not ive writen to World Snooker comparing the difference between World Snooker and Global Snooker sites and the fact Global does what they should to the benefit of the sport and not to the benefit of WSA.

if i get a reply i will post it here but in the meentime dont hold youre breath you might die.

John A said...

Off topic - it says in yesterday's Scotsman that Ronnie is going back to 110sport following the conclusion of an acrimonious law suit. Any more info Dave?


Anonymous said...

So how did Jimmy White get to the final? His name has cropped up a lot over the summer break between seasons.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations obviously to the winner but I think Jimmy White deserved a bit more of a pat on the bag. A 47 year old ranked in the mid 50s- in his 28th year as a pro stringing together 4 or 5 results against guys in some cases 20 years younger. I guess detractors will say that it was only best of 5 and 7 and therefore more down to chance but even so.

Anonymous said...

na he deserved a pat on the back but at the same time having mcLeod reaching the semi finals showed just how serious top players took it whitch is disapointing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw Jimmy White playing in germany and I was astonished how well he did. OK, it was only best of 5 and I fear some more beer in the break and he would have lost control over the q-ball a bit. But his participation in the final showed that he still is good enough for the best.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie is back with 110sport simply because they have signed a huge deal in china for broadcasting events.

As reported they will be setting up there own mini events with their own players just to broadcast them live to china.

And with 100k in prizefunds why wouldn't Ronnie be back with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rory lost his semifinal to Murphy on the black of the last frame! He didn't just reach this stage because the others prefered to get drunk (which some did).

Janie (I woz there!) said...

Rory played extremely well throughout the event.

In truth he should have won the semi final.

He led 2-0, let it slip and had ample chances in the deciding frame.

the players party may have taken its toll on a few of the players!

Anonymous said...

what was the prize money in Germany?

Anonymous said...

murphy is a credit to the game. he is playing well at the moment and playing in alot of events . the top players should play in as many events as possible to let the fans see them play live in what ever country.ronnie is world no 1 and should be playing in more events instead of racing cars......

Janie Watkins said...

I meant ot put it on the website but forgot!

Winner 5000 Euro
Finalist 2000 Euro
Semis 1000 E
1/4 400 E
L16 250 E
L32 100 E
HB 1000 Euro
also 1000 Euro for the Speed Cup

Anonymous said...

Hi Janie, i left a reply for you on the "full coverage" blog a few days ago, but got no reply. Just wondered if you had one or had missed my post. :)