110sport, who manage Stephen Maguire, have issued the following statement:

Stephen Maguire was questioned by officers of Strathclyde Police today over alleged irregular betting patterns relating to a match between Maguire and Jamie Burnett at the Maplin UK Championship on 14 December 2008.

Maguire’s legal representative Peter Forbes said; “Police spoke to Stephen, their questioning and points put to him based upon information given to them during their initial interview with my client in the spring of this year. Having answered those questions, Stephen was released without charge.”

Maguire, 28, added; “I have nothing to say other than I can be doing without this. I wish this was over and done with and that I didn’t have these allegations hanging over me so I could concentrate entirely on playing snooker.

“All I want to do now is forget today and concentrate on preparing for playing in China next week.”

There will be no further comment from Stephen Maguire or 110sport Group on this matter.

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