The Paul Hunter Classic is a huge event that allows players the chance to compete in a snooker-mad country and honour one of their own.

From a huge field of 180, there will be 34 main tour professionals competing in Furth, Germany over the next four days.

They include world champion John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Stephen Maguire, Mark Selby, Ryan Day, Joe Perry, Mark King, Jimmy White, Ken Doherty and Ricky Walden.

There are 45 four man groups so an extraordinary amount of snooker will be played before the knockout phase.

The audience attendance at this tournament puts some of the main tour events to shame. I hope all the German fans enjoy the four days.

There's coverage at global-snooker.com.


DerMoment said...

I hope all the German fans enjoy the four days.

For sure! :)

Anonymous said...

when does this start because there is no results on Global.

Matt said...

It started today, you can find some results here:

Anonymous said...

If this has anything to do with Brandon Parker (which i'm sure it has), it will be nothing other than a success.


Janie said...

GLobal Snooker will have all results up to date in the morning.

I was travelling all day to get to Furth and spent the evening laughing along with the audience at the speed snooker.

I had nearly forgotten we're supposed to actually enjoy an evening out at the snooker.

So it's good night from Furth and normal service will resume on Global snooker in the morning..

Guten Nacht!

Janie said...

PS: It's not just German fans and players alongside the pros.

The Dutch are here in force and in bright orange of course, the Czechs, Belgians, Poles, Swiss, Austrians, etc all here to play and watch the tournaments.

Anonymous said...

its a line up worthy of a minor Ranking Event..

suerly its time this tournament is given increased status and carry minor ranking points.

Janie said...

Global Snooker here live, or half dead, in Furth.

We have news, results, photos on Global snooker and IF I can withstand the rigours of the players party tonight there'll be much more tomorrow.

It's hard to put into words just how brilliant this event is.

The German organisers led by Jurgen Kesseler have created a totally unique tournament.

The atmosphere everywhere is awesome. You know that whichever table you go and sit at, you're going to hear a huge roar go up from the table you're not watching!

Ken Doherty had the fans cheering and stomping and laughing as he managed to keep up chit chat with the audience and his opponent right through one match. And his very young Austrian opponent gave as good as he got and got the audience on his side, but that lucky Irishman fluked a snooker on the blue and nicked that frame on the pink.

There's full coverage on Global Snooker and I'll try and bring everyone the flavour of the event as well as the bare results.

Anonymous said...

is there TV Covarage of the event anywhere ?

Anonymous said...

This event should be upgraded like Clonricket´s Stump as was the case in Father Ted.
Seriously though, it seems to a fitting tribute to Paul Hunter that everyone has turned out for this one.

Anonymous said...

janie what does full coverage mean?

Janie said...

Full coverage in this case means, live scores, results, frame scores, breaks, news stories, photo galleries... hope that's enough for you all!!

Anonymous said...

thanks janie. i just wondered what your "definition" of full meant (in this case)

Janie said...

what is your definition of full? Did I miss something off the list?

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I was at F├╝rth and it was my first live snookerevent. Janie´s absolutely right! It was a great experience and I enjoyed every second there.

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune to stay in the same hotel as a lot of these snooker players in Furth on Saturday night, shouting and swearing until 3 am (them not me), felt like I was at football match all night....not impressed

Anonymous said...

Janie - video camera coverage

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant to add that you did miss something off the list. as posted above. :)