Like old man river, Steve Davis just keeps rolling along.

This afternoon he begins his 32nd season as a professional. Players have come and players have gone in the last three decades but Davis, 52 this month, remains a steadfastly stubborn presence.

The root of his stickability is his pure love of snooker and of competition. He is fascinated by the psychology of sport, be it snooker, pool, chess or poker.

He will have his work cut out against Matt Selt, who seems to be finding his feet on the professional circuit.

I doubt Steve will have practised much over the summer, but his tactical game remains first class and he may be able to grind Selt down.

It's now 20 years since Davis last won the World Championship and 14 years since his last ranking tournament victory.

He isn't kidding himself that he will be a world beater again but there's something to be admired in his refusal to roll over.

Every now and again, he is capable of performances that reveal to younger audiences and snooker newcomers why he was the best thing the game had ever seen until Stephen Hendry came along.

The match is live on 110sporttv from 4pm UK time.


Dana said...

110sports promised to broadcast 2 matches in session, or not? yeah, match with Steve is great, but ... they promised choice from 2 matches

Anonymous said...

slightly off topic..

i just seen ken won the last 2 frames against fergal to win 5-4. The last frame total points was 53-89..suspect there may have been lots of cat and mouse stuff with fouls etc.

anyone seen the match? how did they play?

Dave H said...

The last frame lasted an hour and 24 seconds!

A lot of playing for snookers and the like.

Good news for Ken. He's now won as many matches in this tournament as he did all last season.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave

Yeah its good to see ken back in the winners corner.

Might be just what he was looking for all last season to kick start himself again. Good man Ken.

Anonymous said...

110sport have Mark King!!! commentating on Davis, who he has already described as a 'seven times world champion'

It's going to be a long afternoon

Rory said...

How can I watch this?? I've looked but nothing seems to be happening, has anybody got a link pls? :S