This is the first of a new weekly feature to be posted every Monday (assuming I remember) looking at different snooker websites.

We start with the best, www.globalcuesportscentre.com.

Put simply, it’s the leading resource for snooker and cue sports results and information on the web.

Janie Watkins, who set it up, works tirelessly to provide information on all tournaments – professional, amateur and junior – in snooker, billiards, pool, carom, pyramids and any other cue sport she can find information on.

Global Cue Sports carries live scoring from most snooker tournaments, including all the events of the world ranking event circuit from the qualifiers right through until the final.

Frame scores, centuries, results, schedules of play, photographs – it’s all there, including prize money, which the WPBSA absurdly refuse to publish on their own site because of the way it has fallen in recent years.

But it isn’t just the pro game that is covered in depth. GCSC also carry live scoring on all tournaments at Pontin’s, including the International Open Series, festivals, pro-ams and junior events.

There is a results archive, ranking lists, calendar, news pages and forum where fans can express their opinions.

Perhaps the best innovation of recent months is the addition of a video library of frames and matches from various events, including the PIOS, European Amateur Championships and pro-ams.

I know many players and members of the snooker press use GCSC to find information that they can‘t find anywhere else, or at least not as quickly.

The site seems to be improving all the time and I commend Janie for her efforts.

Global Cue Sports Centre is a significant contribution to our game and long may it continue.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the kind comments David (the cheque is "not" in the post)

I'm away to hide in a corner and blush for a few minutes.

Failing that I'll do the PIOS with the left hand and Shanghai with the right.

It's business as usual on GCS!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Snookerheed. I know for a fact that 99% of GSC hits are for this "wonderful" distraction. I think it's about time the link got at least a size 18 font and I got my share of the ad revenue!:-)

Mat Wilson

ps. GSC is still the best and Janie is a national treasure.

Dave H said...

Bring back Snookerheed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

if you can't find anymore good Snooker sides in UK, have a look on this german side:


I'm not the author and not related to her, but i love this side !