Graeme Dott is the latest snooker player to suffer a mishap with his cue.

In fact, it was more than a mishap. The cue is broken beyond repair.

It was damaged - no surprise here - at an airport. Dott had used the cue to win the 2006 World Championship.

Then again, perhaps a new start is what the Glaswegian needs. He has endured a disappointing couple of seasons - in which he suffered from depression and broke his arm - and is now out of the top 16.

Dott has always been a fighter and I'm sure he'll be giving it everything with his new cue. Its first test comes in the new Pro Challenge Series, which starts tomorrow.


Alex said...

We all know what happened last time his cue was broken.

Come on Graeme!

Anonymous said...

As I understand it the previous cue Dott used was smashed at a service staion and placed up the backside of one of those annoying blokes who attempt to sell you AA cover.
The best thing that could have happened to Dott although not for sure the best thing that ever happened to the AA man.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

After his last mishap, he done incredibly well. I thought he was getting his game back in Sheffield, so I hope, he can turn it around.

BTW, with regards the P-C Series.

No ranking points, but how many of the official top 16 are going to be there?

Thanks, Joe

Bryan said...

Do you know Dave if Ken Doherty got his cue back for the pro challenege or when he might get it, Thanks Bryan

Joe said...

Done it

Chris said...

Something like a cue being broken always seems to happen to the players who are struggling!

It just shows how bad the airport baggage people are. It's terrible.