The big surprise of the World Games so far has been the defeat of Shanghai Masters champion Ricky Walden.

He lost 3-1 to Wu Yu Lin of Taiwan today.

Another professional, Mike Dunn, was beaten 3-2 by Egypt's Mohammed Awad yesterday.

It leaves us with a quarter-final line-up as follows:

Shu Hun Lin (Taiwan) v David Grace (England)
Soheil Vahedi (Iran) v Mohammed Awad (Egypt)
Nigel Bond (England) v Thepchaiya Un Nooh (Thailand)
Mohammed Shehab (UAE) v Wu Yu Lin (Taiwan)

Gerard Greene, who won the gold four years ago, withdrew for reasons unknown.


Janie Watkins said...

Gerard withdrew because of not being able to get back in time for the start of the Pro Challenge.

I'm not sure why he felt there was a clash, as both our PIOS players, David Grace and Stephen Craigie have made arrangements to get themselves back in time for the PIOS on Monday.

Anonymous said...

well done wu yu lin


Anonymous said...

posted May 9, 2009

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Pete@Cuesport.TV said...

As I can't see him in the quarter final line up I take it Welsh Pro Paul Davies was also beaten. Anyone got the score?

Very short matches best of 5!

Anonymous said...

@Peter Paul Davies - Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 1:3

Anonymous said...

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Global said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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