Liang Wenbo defeated Stephen Maguire 7-6 to win the Beijing International Challenge, his first professional title.

Here's a question: will he overtake Ding Junhui as China's no.1 player by the end of next season?

One thing Liang has never lacked is confidence. There's a fear in some that he is still too attacking but there's no doubt he's a great talent.


Chris said...

I am not sure if he will overtake Ding as China's number one. It is whether Ding's tournament experience on TV will be important. We will have to see.

Anonymous said...

i hope he doesnt.

i like ding.

i dislike liang. i found him annoying, celebrating victory when it wasnt assured and also the rigmarole with swail (not his fault,maybe).

hes a great player, but i dont want him to do well. i want others to progress more than him and would be happy if ding comes back to the fore.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 3:48pm - I'm guessing you're in a very small minority as for me Liang Wenbo is one of the most exciting players to watch over the last decade.

The way he bigs himself up for a shot not many other players would go for, the determination in his face and the bottle he has makes him compulsive viewing. He nearly topped O'Sullivans record of 5 centuries in a best of 9 including a maximum when he made 4 centuries including a maximum and two 139 total clearances as well as a further frame winning break. That shows his pedigree.

As for the comment about his "annoying, celebrating victory when it wasn't assured" against Swail in last years match of the season - well each to their own. I loved it, especially with the way the Crucible crowd were fully behind Swail. The way Liang played and conducted himself in that match alone turned me into a big fan of his and he will start to do some big things in the game as his victory this week suggest.

Go Liang, you are already a legend!

Matt said...

He's what, 1400ish behind Ding on the one-years, that's nothing really. If Ding has another year like the last two then I think that he will be caught.

That said, I expect him to improve, saw some really positive signs during the World Championship this year.

stuartfanning said...

Ding needs a kick up the behind as he has let both himself and his country down over the last couple of years. Good on Liang if he takes China's number One spot in Snooker.

Janie Watkins said...

I think that was a brilliant performance by Liang today.

He's coming of age now and it showed today, particularly as he came from 6-4 down to win 7-6.

His excitement at the Crucible against Swail was merely youthful exhuberance and I'm sure we all did or said things at that age that we wouldn't like held against us for ever and a day.

He's a cracking player and a really nice lad.

Good to see that Maguire's laser eyes are working well and he played well all week to get to the final

Anonymous said...

"Here's a question: will he overtake Ding Junhui as China's no.1 player by the end of next season?"= NO

it wasent a great performance but a great win maguire was woefull to be honest.

Anonymous said...

4.11 i dont mind if i am the only one in 10,000.

its my honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

And Jimmy wins 8-6 against Barry in Bangkok!!!


Mig said...

Even if Liang ends up moving in front of Ding in the rankings by the end of season, that won’t be enough for him to be regarded as China’s #1 snooker player.

Ding is a terrific player and he has ranking tournament wins to vouch for him. He even was once considered as the next dominant force in Snooker.

Liang is nowhere near that point, and even if he improves next season I don’t believe he will come close to Ding’s glory days, at least not for now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think China should be allowed to play snooker until they improve their human rights record.

Anonymous said...

The boys a bit special but he has to learn how to play safe. He can't keep going for everything if he's going to be a champion.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:23pm - my partner is Chinese and there's nothing the pair of us hate more than do-gooder Brits who know nothing about how China works coming out with opinions like yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Yup, Ding seriously has to be careful that Wenbo is beginning to upstaged him.

When Ding first started, he came across with such unease and apprehension (probably being homesick...) but this lad is currently the closest thing China has to a hybrid of Williams/O'Sullivan/Higgins 15 years ago.

After winning in Northern Ireland last season against Wenbo, Higgins said afterwards that he has to tone down the amount of shots he takes on and play more safety...that will come with maturity.

Well, they were like it at his age, so i suggest he keeps playing like he does (esp last season at Prestatyn) cause folk like to be entertained by Mr Bean!

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

But surely Marco Fu is higher ranked than Ding, now!
So why isn't he China's No. 1 player?

Anonymous said...

think of it as Wales and England different countries but its mistaken as 1.