So 45% voted the current decade as their favourite for snooker. 26% went with the 1990s, 25% the 1980s and 1% the 1970s.

The new poll asks whether you will watch the 110sport.tv coverage of the qualifiers.


Anonymous said...

i will watch im 2 much of a snooker adict not to watch but at that price id be selective..

it should be more accesible than that to encourage more people and therefore long term make more money.

in this case i think charge less make more money.

Anonymous said...

is it going to be available outside the uk?

Dave H said...

I'm sure it will be yes

Eric said...

Yes, will give it a try for one match. But at £2.99, I am certainly not going to watch each session (have no time for that either). Also depends on the quality of the livestream whether I'll watch more sessions.

Anonymous said...

janie has been talking with 10sport Chief Exec David McCinnan

and heres what he said about world wide covarage

"Perhaps the most important is that it is available worldwide. China will have its own separate mirror feeds and everyone else will pick up the feed from the UK and as long as you've got a decent internet connection you should have no problem accessing the broadcasts."

Anonymous said...

As has been pointed out, the fact a lot of sessions start at 4pm means if you get back from work and want to watch you'll be paying for the end of the match.

I was initially very happy to hear the qualifiers would be available but now I realise that even as a die hard, I will not be watching. I don't want to see Jimmy White, Steve Davis, John Parrott, Ken Doherty and the like, they've been and gone as far as I'm concerned and I'm not paying per session.

Any news on a season ticket?

Mig said...

£3 a session is ridiculously steep.

I don't even pay that much for my monthly Eurosport subscription.

Besides, last season I didn't even watch most of the Championship League matches and they were free to watch online with top players playing in it.

No way am I going to pay to watch qualifying matches online.

Anonymous said...


what price would you be prepared to pay.

thing is theres some qualifying matches that is very atractive.

last season Mark Williams v Judd Trump that was a brilliant performance from Trump in beating Mark 5-2.

Anonymous said...

Surely the big issue is that it's now Friday, the qualifiers start on Monday and nobody knows how to subscribe to the coverage even if they wanted to.

You go on their website and there's NO INFORMATION about how to pay!

And seems strange you can watch the Championship League for free but have to pay for this.

Anonymous said...

the channel isnt launched until monday...

the shanghai masters quals will be 110sport.com first big thing.

Janie said...

guys n gals. have a look at my long list of answers I got rom 110sport today on the comments on the original thread.

don't forget you'll be going to 1110sport.tv for the streaming not to the main 110sport.com website

Mig said...

@anon 2:34

I already said I won't pay to watch any qualifying matches online.

I am a relatively recent follower of snooker. Mark Williams means very little to me. It doesn't bother me to not have watched his match.

But my point is, well, at least now it's possible to watch the matches online, but the prices they are suggesting are completely maladjusted to the reality of snooker and online streaming.

Something inside me tells me that perhaps this number has been thrown just to watch the reactions.

Maybe they'll soon announce that the price will be £1 and everyone will be relieved that it wasn't £3.

If they've have said £1 in the first place maybe they would have gotten negative responses anyway.

It could be a business strategy.

Anonymous said...

Hands up who would be prepared to pay in the region of £30 for a season ticket but will not be paying for £3 per session.

*raises hand*

al said...

£3 a session is just too steep for me. We're really spoiled with the free coverage from the BBC of the big tournaments.

I'd gladly pay £10, maybe even £20 for an "all access" pass that let me dip in and out as I pleased.

Snooker's a drawn out sport that's very easy to get drawn into. Sometimes I've lost whole days! But I'm a busy man and sometimes I don't always have x number of hours to spare watching a grind.

The ability to dip in and out of matches would make all the difference to me. Until 110 sport introduce a flat fee, they'll get nothing out of me. I would definitely pay a flat fee, though.

If you're listening 110 sport take note!

Dave H said...

One point I would make: many people - me very much included - have complained for a long time that there has been no streaming of qualifiers.

Now, there will be. Obviously, any new project is going to entail teething problems, including getting the price structure right, as well as the production.

But surely 110sport should be given a chance here?

The alternative is for them not to bother and then we'll be back to trying to follow the live scoring - when it's working!

Anonymous said...

Dave, i hear you, i really do, but IMO they have the price structure all wrong

i can afford £3 a day / session even if there was one every day of the year, but i certainly wouldnt as it is a point of principal.

£2 per day, starting at 10am in case any qualifiers are that early and running to 2am the following morning.

£2 with a choice of at least two matches per session.

that to me is a fair price and a fair choice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I am intrigued by this.

When TSN (which is now 110sport) had all the snooker media working for them, what competitions did they broadcast and were they free?

So, the question is when did 110sport get in touch with the WSA to discuss this? As it wasn't mentioned in the State of Snooker chat on Radio5 last month?

Was Barry Hearn interested in taking this on? And, I know the Premier League Qualifiers are purely watchable through betting shops, but have 110sport signed up a betting sponsor for this venture?

Are the group responsible for broadcasting the Premier League Qualifiers, taking this production on (profile/perform group??)?

Is it fixed cameras or manual on tables?

Thanks, Joe

al said...

yeah, you've got a point there dave... i've used live scoring sometimes when i've got a bet on a qualifier. it's a nightmare! all the nerves but none of the fun.

i might pay to watch a session if i had money on it. but really, i think they're going for the wrong market here. i just love it when i can stick the telly on for 5 mins and end up watching for 4 hours... sometimes it's the random games that end up being the most exciting. i'd happily pay a flat fee for that.

Dave H said...

Joe - TSN used to show the old Scottish Masters Aand a few other things, but their bid for the internet rights for major events was rejected by the then WPBSA board.

Thankfully, the new one appears to have been persuaded that they are now worth selling, although Perform who you mentioned had their bid rejected to do all this a couple of years ago - hence they set up the Championship League.

The production is being done by people who have previously worked for Sky and Setanta so I suspect it will be high quality.

Anonymous said...

what this boills down to snooker fans are never happy.

theres streaming there now thats a start and suerly 110sport at least should be praised for adding a element that wasent there a Week ago even.

the price structure will have to be compramised long term but for now accept what it is a way of seing Qualifiers if you want to.

for it to be a succesfull venture the price will have to be decresed but im sure with the enthusiasm for this new way of seing snooker from snooker fans 110 sport will act on that and make a more fan friendly tariff.

Anonymous said...

whats the odds on the people who said no will be taking sneeky look during the week ??

Anonymous said...

i disagree 7-10pm

if 110 had announced this and said it was £25 per session and THEY CHOOSE what matches get tranmitted then i doubt you or anyone else would be saying "at least its getting aired now".

i am glad its getting streamed, but its not like 110 are the only people to have tried to get WS to do this.

IMO its too dear, but they could end up getting enough viewers at that amount seeing as its available overseas.

i dont think many people who are complaining at the cost are saying they wished the qualifiers still werent being shown, so that really makes youe point totally wrong, if youre asuming they are saying that

Anonymous said...

what it boils down is they many want it for nothing thats the facts.

me on the other hand if the money will be used in a productive way that long terms will benefit the sport im all for it however at £2.99 its far to expensive.

watch this space because i honestly think the price will be revued because they wont make enough to cover costs at £2.99 if 42% of the people on this poll and the majority of the 27% thats undecided decides on no.

Anonymous said...