Another week, another tournament is underway in the Far East.

This one is the General Cup in Hong Kong, which features Liang Wenbo - fresh from his Beijing triumph - as well as Ricky Walden, Tian Pengfei and, of course, Hong Kong's greatest ever player, Marco Fu.

Also in the field are young prospects Chan Wai Kei and Li Yan, who beat the reigning Asian under 21 champion, Anda Zhang, to book his place in the round robin stage.

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Anonymous said...

Chan Wai Kei cannot be said to be young prospect. In fact he is a veteran amateur player in HK.

Janie said...

Chan Wei Kei looks useful. He's just lost a very close 4-3 to Ricky Walden

and Li Yan looks good too. He's playing Marco Fu live at the moment

Janie said...

well yes he's veteran now but that doesn't stop him being a very good player.
not sure he'll thank me for calling him veteran. he's certainly been around the international amateur scene a long time.

all today's frames scores are available on Global Snooker.
Ricky made one century and Marco scored quite well too.

Anonymous said...

Wai Kei usually appears in the IBSF World Championship knock-out stages, so it's not new to us.

Janie Watkins said...

Yes i know him better as Au Chi Wei and got rather confused by the name until I saw him playing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dave,

That headline is a little racist, mate.

Even though it's a clever play on words, our Chinese compatriots (who hold the key to our future) may be offended, and rightly so, you Limey!

Don't piss-off them off, FFS or we're doomed!!

Dave H said...

No it isn't. It's a pun based on the cartoon Hong Kong Phooey.

Janie Watkins said...

not as good as the "Pink Ball Wizard" though Dave!!

Anonymous said...

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