Barry Hawkins constructed a 147 break in the final frame of his 4-1 victory over James McGouran in the last 32 of the third Players Tour Championship event in Sheffield.

It was Hawkins's first competitive maximum and the second of the season after Kurt Maflin's in PTC1.

Hawkins had made a 129 break in the previous frame.

Mark Selby, winner of PTC2, is among the players through to the last 16.


Anonymous said...

coverage of this event is beyond a joke really dave surely keeping you up to date with the latest scores is the least world snooker could do i would of thought the world snooker site is one of the first things barry hearn would of sorted it has been like this for a couple of years now its ridiculous.

Dave H said...

I agree with you but am told the website will be revamped with proper live scoring 'by the time of the Shanghai Masters'

We shall see...

Anonymous said...

Janie is already sadly missed. Global have not even put up the last 32 results and the last 16 matches have started. If the owners want to have a profitable site through affiliate deals they need to maintain their traffic. Just looking at the Hitwise stats it is already tailing off dramatically.


Anonymous said...

I see on the global site, Dominic Dale lost twice, once to Andy Hicks and then to Anthony Hamilton.

Of all the weekends for global to implode, why did they have to wait until WS scoring ceased?

CHRISK5 said...

World Snooker don't update frame by frame scores in the chock a block PTC.

But,actual match results get posted up as soon as possible.
(on the draw format link)

Matches that started at 10 am had already been updated with the
match scores at 1 pm.

Personally,I would say that's good enough & the complaints are unjustified.

Frame by frame scores will return for the Shanghai Masters.

Anonymous said...

The global site is even more worse than the WSA one.

Anonymous said...

Chris - the entire website is an embarrassment to snooker. One of the worst sites for any sports governing body.

Still, I look forward to the poem that will doubtless follow the final.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the complaints are from fans of the sport. To dismiss them as unjustified is the sort of attitide you'd expect from the old World Snooker, not the new one. If nothing else, some Twitter frame score updates would be appreciated.

Matt said...

The WSA site would have been acceptable ten years ago but it's just obsolete now when compared to the PDC darts site for example.

It is noticeable that Global isn't as up to date as it was previously but ultimately it's not their job to provide updates such as this so I find it hard to send too much criticism their way.

Whoever replaces Janie has an impossible act to follow let's face it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Yup, I agree Matt! I've said it before, but how can you defend this sport sometimes when the official website could be bettered by a student doing a programming course (cv's to Bristol - if ya interested!)

This is the way I've seen it so far; the world snooker website has been in front of global on its draw page link (which,btw,i really dislike - they have to change that!) with regards the scores.

Then as most folk have pointed out, when Global slowly put them up 2 hours later, no frame scores and, sometimes, scores the wrong way round or not right at all!

I remember moaning about this at the very first PTC when World snooker crashed the live link.

I hope they are reading these comments. Goodness knows what they would do if they had lots of matches all on one day (like Wimbledon or the Masters?) Oh...

Thanks, Joe

PS - Here's one for all: Whatever happened to snooker radio (circa 2000?)

Anonymous said...

401 hit the nail on the head

whoever replaces J has an impossible task

if WS site is made up to be better than G-S is just now, then she has packed up at the correct time. maybe shrewd

Anonymous said...

I don't know why all this global worship goes on. without live scoring its a nothing site. if the so called premier snooker website falls asunder because an elderly lady leaves then it didnt have much goin for it in the first place.
expect to see your traffic plummet global if you dont sort out live scoring.

kildare cueman said...

Would love to see the PTC final.

Great achievement for young Jack to reach the final, and take out an old warhorse like Selby on the way.

Similarily, I've been a fan of Ford for some time now, and its good to see him in the final too.

Hopefully, both these players will gain some confidence and go on to have good seasons. They are the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Superb stuff at the PTC then. Well done Jack. Do it again next week and the breakthrough will be on...A Star Is Born.

Congratualations to Tom. Forever been the nearly man - as an up and coming player. Never done anything of any note until the 147 at the Grand Prix a few years ago.

Hopefully, this is the break he needs, and will go on. As he said he in the past, he maybe hasn't knuckered down in practice as much as he should, and looked at his mate Selby as evidence.

Well here's the opportunity...

Thanks, Joe

Matt said...

I agree to a point re: Global in that the scoring is by far the main reason that I visit the site.

Thing is though when the official site can't get the scoring working after about a decade of trying and pretty much nowhere else even bothered with the PIOS including the official site, the up to date scores alone makes Global indispensable. Even more so when it comes to the amateur side.

In many ways though I did prefer the previous Global site which despite being visually basic, for me had better content in terms of images, player profiles, better drawsheets and so on.

The new site seemingly has the capacity to repeat all of this but nobody to actually provide the material which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

guys i agree the website needs sorting and as dave said its going to be done but to say barry hearn's first priority was that is stupid.

he wanted to get players playing he needed to fight for control of the sport and on top of that this john higgins thing.

come on give the man a chance.

regarding global yes janie watkins was globalsnooker they need to sort it out or it doesent look good.

CHRISK5 said...

To all WS/GS whingers.

The bigger picture shouldn't be
overlooked. (the glass is always
half full for me)

In the 1970s - there was around 4-8
events per season on the calendar,
players had to do numerous exhibitions to bolster income.

From the early 1980s until 2009/10
The number of pro tournaments in the season averaged 15-20 in total

In the 2010/2011 season - Including
rankers,minor ranking,invitationals
& pro-ams - 31 EVENTS !!

Including a possible World Cup,
an event in Australia & other
opportunities - We could be
looking at 35/40 pro events on the
calendar within 2-3 years !

the Status of Snooker itself -
We've never had it so good !

Anonymous said...

chrisk do you actually read the blog entries or are you just simple?
people are rightfully complaining that something theyve been used to for many years is now not there.
nobody complained about the tour.
you offer your opinion as if your some kind of great statesman or leader.
ill bet youve never had a girlfriend

Anonymous said...

its great the way you put other comment makers down Chris. makes you seem such a lovely person to not know.

Anonymous said...

No point moaning about global snooker, yes since Janie left the site hasn't been half as good but as some have already pointed out it isn't her (or anyone else at Global's) job to update snooker fans on snooker matters. That's World Snooker's lookout.


Janie said...

OY!! who are you calling ELDERLY?!!!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method-
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Mr Cricks @”1:28 pm Hello Dave.
Your contributions Mr C to the Dave Den blog is considerable and much appreciated but please refrain Sir from quoting misleading details of days gone by.

Pro snooker is in bother and all the wishful thinking in your posts does not change the fact that the Professional game in its many guises has “Never” broke even except with Tobacco Subsides.

The present players’ tournaments (PTC) are merely well organised “Pro-Am” with no sign of TV coverage. Nothing has changed since Sir Rodney was ousted except the promises of jam tomorrow as opposed of Pro Am today.

By all means Mr C keep thinking! But with constructive thoughts that may give others or even Barry some original ideas for the games financial good.
The game needs Television Mr C or all the principle accessories like cue makers, Tables, Balls and Baize clothes plus “Snooker Clubs” will go out of business.

The only progressive thinker has been Riley’s with a Ronnie O innovation but still without TV coverage.
An obvious idea would be for the many businesses that have lived off snooker for thirty years to band together for an “Ideas Man” or “Business Supremo”. Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

*yawn* @308

well done fordy

Anonymous said...

Fordy Shhmordy