Jamie Cope has just narrowly missed out on a third competitive maximum at the Championship League here at Crondon Park Golf Club, Essex.

Cope potted a difficult green down the side cushion in the first frame of his match against Barry Hawkins but then missed a straight brown as the break stalled on 125.

Cope made a 147 at the 2006 Grand Prix and again in this season's Shanghai Masters.


Claus Christensen said...

Heartbreaking! Even as a spectator there is nothing more horrible than a miss on the colours. I recall Maguire being particularly annoyed after a failed 147. Didn't he break tiles in his dressing room or someting?

Anonymous said...

For heartbreak, nothing will beat Ken Docherty's missed black in the Masters.

Anonymous said...

Cope will make many more maximums in his career, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Dave, recalling your post on snooker stats earlier this month: would Cope's 147 have counted as an "official" maximum had he completed it?

I am asking because according to that previous post, you "don’t count Pot Black or the Championship League because these matches are very short. It’s crazy to lump them in with, say, the China Open final." So if his 147 were recognized, Cope would have had an official maximum from a match that doesn't appear elsewhere in the stats.

I am not saying it should count or not count [and I know it's all theoretical for the moment] but I am just curious...


Dave H said...

I said I didn't count them for head-to-heads.

They count for centuries and therefore also maximums.