Dave Gilbert proved last night that a long time member of the game's supporting cast can assume leading man status if he believes in himself.

It was the best performance of Dave's seven-year professional career. He made two centuries - he had made only three all season prior to the match - and looked confident and composed throughout.

To beat Mark Williams 5-1 on home ground takes some doing, even if Williams himself made a few mistakes.

Dave has never been in the last 16 of a ranking event. Things don't get any easier at the Welsh Open: he has Joe Perry next.

Nevertheless, if he produces a similar performance he will prove a handful.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, well done to Dave Gilbert!

To say that Mark Williams "made a few mistake" is probably a bit too polite as Mark was just way below par throughout the match. Which, of course, doesn't take anything away from Dave's performance.


Dave H said...

I don't agree. Mark missed no more than 3 or 4 balls in the first four frames, Dave made a century in the fifth and although Mark was poor in the last, by then it was probably too late anyway.

Monique said...

Indeed ... when the last frame started David Gilbert's pot success was 96%. This tells something. The last frame was quite scrappy and both made mistakes but the balls were very akwardly set and David did a very good job in holding himself together and win this!
Mark J. was not at his best but he certainly wasn't at his worse.

If David can sustain this standard the match vs Perry should be close and interesting. And who knows ... Selby next?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Williams fan but have to hold my hands up and say well played Dave Gilbert. He looked so confident right from the start and playing a man who knows he's playing on top form is always a tough cookie.

Mark didn't play bad by any stretch. Had he got in first in the opening 2 frames he probably would have done the business but cest la vie. He's too experienced to let it bother him, he knows Gilbert put in what will be probably be the best performance of the opening round and there's nothing to be disheartened about.

The question now is how far can Gilbert go? Perry has got his hands full and on that form, so would Mark Selby if they meet in the last 16.

Anonymous said...

It was a great match, well done Dave Gilbert.

Anonymous said...

I had a bet on Williams in an handicap bet -1.5 frames because i thought it would be a comfortable win for him obviously. No one likes losing money but looking at the breaks Gilbert had, i can have little complaints.

Anonymous said...

after reading gilberts comments it seems that he isnt putting himself under pressure and so it appears he didnt "bottle it" yesterday which some thought hed did in a couple of past high interest match

well done DG

Matt@PSB said...

Another fabulous win today for him, well done.