Our second Snooker Scene podcast features John Higgins talking about his career, how he got into snooker, his world titles, his greatest disappointment, the new Snooker Players Association and why his children are having tennis lessons.

You can download it here.

I'd appreciate any feedback - good or bad - as I'd obviously like to make these podcasts as good as possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Any idea on this alledged writ served to Mark Selby before the start of his losing quarter-final match against Anthony Hamilton?

And yes, that was an awful advert for Snooker at this precise moment in it's fragile existence.

Thanks, Joe

Claus Christensen said...

Yes, the podcast is here!

And yes, that was a long affair to witness this evening. Even Adrian Gunnell said 'get on with it'.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the podcast Dave

(as an aside id like the off topics removed rather than having the censor on which has been suggested on other threads to stop this) [or leave them on - anything but the censor]

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested on more on the writ alleged to have been given to Selby too.

Anonymous said...

Dave - I don't know if you can have a word and do anything about it but the Eurosport logo is spilling onto the table on my tv picture near the green pocket. And also an occasional caption blocks the yellow pocket as well.

Anonymous said...

That always happens on the BBC coverage where it says "press red" - right over the pocket.
Selby's writ was apparantly from a former manager.

Anonymous said...

The red button can be removed with the "backup" button if you've got a Sky remote. The Eurosport logo on my widescreen is too central, there's plenty of room to the right where it's unobtrusive. It's particularly frustrating when a ball is under the logo which happens quite a lot.

Matt@PSB said...

Good podcast that Dave, enjoyed it more than the first one though again that was probably because having read Clive's book, I knew what he was going to say before he said anything. Not his fault though obviously.

Higgins was good value, seemed pretty relaxed, open and happy to answer questions on everything. The general format you seem to be going with (going through their career and then asking about the future and current issues), is logical enough too.

In the future it would be interesting perhaps if you could maybe invite sensible questions from readers of the blog and put them to your guest. Would make it a bit more interactive for the people listening to it. Not for the whole thing of course but maybe just a few at the end.

With regard to future guests I think that it would be interesting not just to have top players like Higgins, but also a player or two from lower down the rankings, just the get a different perspective on life on the main tour and a view on how things are at Pontin's.

Dave H said...

Thanks Matt, some interesting ideas there.

It would be a good idea to invite reader questions, the only problem is that there aren't always fixed times to do these. I basically just sidled up to John at the Championship League and asked him.

However, the next one features me and Phil Yates answering questions sent in by readers way back.

The one after that is an interview with Joe Johnson.

jamie said...

I don't see the problem with the off topics this is a snooker blog surely Dave doesn't mind us discussing snooker related things that he may not bring up. For example I can understand Dave not discussing the Clive issue as he is his boss but it was an issue that concerned snooker followers and needed debating.

Matt said...

That should be good, I was going to say that it would also be useful to get some insight from a former world champion so Joe falls into the category quite nicely. I imagine that he would be quite comfortable with it from commentating with you on Eurosport too.

Trying to think who else you could approach, maybe a referee too for another perspective. Someone like Alan Chamberlain who has been there and seen it all would have some interesting stories to tell I'd have thought.

I would say that maybe you could catch someone at the World qualifiers but with pressure on the players there I guess that it might not be the best time. Perhaps if someone has won their match and is hanging around the next day to watch a friend or something then they might be a bit more willing.

SupremeSnooker.com said...

Both podcasts so far have been interesting, fun, and insightful.
The one problem I have is that the sound levels between the two people aren't right.
In this case, I had to turn the sound down every time David spoke, and up again for John.
It reminds me of the problems we used to have during my student radio days!

Anonymous said...

nobody is saying dont debate it

here we have a new subject which is only daves second podcast and a rare concept on the net so i believe (dave thought he was first but wasnt?) anyway...

and the first comment isnt even about the topic

i check here regularly and its annoying when i see 1 new comment to 3 different blogs and none of them are about subject but maybe about audience levels or something not really relevant to the topic

this isnt a forum. its a blog and most others see users reply to the particular blog with a comment about its content.

thats the way i see it. others will differ. many on here have said similar to me before and many saying lets have it all anywhere. you cant win. i am just stating my opinion on what id rather see. i have no problem with anyone having a different viewpoint

(and sorry Dave [and anyone else] who opened this upon seeing a new comment thinking it was about the blogs topic)

Anonymous said...

excellent podcast- keep up the good work. As is stated in the previous comment this is a blog not a snooker forum so I would expect comments on the subject posted on. I too find it irritating when people go way off the point.

Anonymous said...

asking Dave a question for a future blog is fine but then having everyone else discussing it is just annoying.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the podcast. Please keep it up! I'm looking forward to hearing thoughts from Phil Yates and Joe Johnson.... thank you.

Andrew said...

Enjoyed both podcasts so far... besides the earlier suggestions, two more people I'd like to hear from would be Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths.

Anonymous said...

Dave, five people who would be first class to get for podcasts but obviously very difficult to obtain as well I would imagine. I thought Ronnie O'Sullivan but then thought you know what he comes out with the same boring stuff all the time, but I think you'd get a genuinely more interesting reflection from these five:

1. Stephen Hendry
2. Jimmy White
3. Willie Thorne
4. Quinten Hann (that would be absolutely brilliant)
5. Michaela Tabb

Anonymous said...

Willie Thorne!!!!!!! Are you having a laugh? Save us from that please,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Willie Thorne!!!!!!! Are you having a laugh? Save us from that please,

9:06 AM

i think thats a great idea to get WT

shame some people over-react to others having different favourites and points of interest within the game

my suggestion to Dave is - CHRIS SMALL

Anonymous said...

A referee would be great and of course the ultimate would be to get someone from World Snooker itself. I expect this is extremely unlikely but it would genuinely be interesting to get an official point of view on the many constructive ideas posted in this blog.

jamie said...

Thats the thing with Ronnie he does not come out with the same thing all the time he is very contradictory and prepared to be critical of other players but i imagine Dave could not get him to do one.

Anonymous said...

he is the most predictable player at speeches since jimmy white "playing well at the club".

ok he contradicts, but he contradicts with the same old garbage all the time.

hes like marmite. youve guessed it, i dont love him...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree he contradicts but in the same manner and it gets boring.

Anonymous said...

Michaela Tabb? What would she talk about?

Maybe she could explain why so many people in the game seem to be obsessed with her and want to bring up her name at every opportunity.

Nothing against her personally, but seriously, I genuinely can't understand why her name seems to come into so many discussions.

Anonymous said...

cos people are interested in her.

youre obviously not.

you dont need to listen to every one if youre not interested

others are

part of life

mt would be a good choice imo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, John's one of my favourite players, and Clive's interview was informative too!

Anonymous said...

But why are people interested in her?

I'm not bothered if they are - like I said earlier, I'm just genuinely interested in why people seem so fascinated by her.

jamie said...

I disagree O'Sullivan always contradicts in a fresh manner. His interview on Inside Sport was fascinating no other player out there is prepared to criticise other players and he does he is the only player that really says anything controversial.Anyway who doesnt like Ronnie does not appreciate what he does for the games prosperity.

Anonymous said...

his interviews are complete tosh most of the time. the other times they are well, noshy? which i find disturbing

jamie said...

Noshy not even a word.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes it is!

FYI some words are invented before they are in a dictionary as commonly used words, otherwise we wouldnt ever have any new words as they arent in a dictionary.

Have a nice day, again

Bob, Eric, Allister