Former world champions Ken Doherty, Steve Davis and Graeme Dott are among the players who have signed up for the Championship League.

Doherty will take part in group 5 next month with Matthew Stevens and Mark King.

Davis and Dott will join the action in group 6.

Group 7 promises to be a quickfire affair with Ricky Walden, Judd Trump and Liang Wenbo taking part.

The Championship League returns next Monday with group 3 featuring John Higgins, Neil Robertson and Barry Hawkins joining the returning Ding Junhui, Ali Carter, Joe Perry and Mark Williams.

Jamie Cope, Dave Harold and Stuart Bingham enter the fray in group 4.


Anonymous said...

It's a great opportunity for Dott and Docherty, who are both struggling, to get more matches. The League seems to be growing in importance. I'd love to watch it.

mathmo said...

Does anyone know if Jimmy White will be taking part in the Championship League? I don't think he did last year.

MMMBop said...

White did last year, I think he got quite far in it too

Janie said...

I asked Jimmy the other day and he told me the players are selected on ranking order so unless higher ranked players don't take up their invite, then he can't get into it.

andy said...

I was watching some of the champions league last night on youtube. I was very surprised to see that it looked like it was being played in a modified barn!!!

I do remember someone saying there were no spectators in one of the earlier comments (on a different post). Do you know why Matchroom decided to set this up so there's no chance for the public to go and watch?

I was watching Ding vs Hendry, I can't believe for a second that they can't fill a hall out with paying spectators for these two!!


Janie - GSC said...

Andy - that "modifed barn" is part of an historic building; I believe it's part of the bridal suite!

Half timbered exteriors and interiors usually date back to Tudor times, so are very rare and usually have listed and protected status.

I'm not sure if Henry VIII or Elizabeth were keen fans of cue sports!

But of course there is a famous story of Queen Mary's body being wrapped in the baize from her billiard table.

end of British history lesson!

Anonymous said...

Why no Anthony Hamilton, he was one of the finalists last year and his higher ranked than at least three taking part.

mathmo said...

Thanks all for your responses.

Good win for Jimmy today!

LikMiiSmelliiToe! said...

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