A strange incident in last week's Welsh Open has been brought to my attention.

In the third frame of his match against Stephen Maguire, Ding Junhui appears to pot two reds in succession - that is without potting a colour in between.

You can view the footage here.

There has been speculation on the internet that the video has been faked. However, I have watched the original and unedited BBC footage of the frame and it is genuine. Indeed, it was logged at the time by a member of the production team.

Ultimately, no harm was done. Although Ding won the frame he lost the match.

Maguire had no reason to spot it. The non-striker is waiting to come back to the table, not intently following every shot.

The referee, Colin Humphries, can be forgiven for making a mistake. Who amongst us does not?

What I find odd is that Ding himself lost concentration to the extent that he forgot he was on the black.

A weird business, then, and proof that, in the internet age, there's always someone out there who will spot these things.


Anonymous said...

Bet that annoyed some matched-betting users though. What if someone had £1000 on Maguire to win THAT frame and he see's that happen?!

Isak said...

now I understand why ding hasn't appeared in any finals this season...

Claus Christensen said...

Good thing he wasn't on a maximum.

Rich P said...

No excuses there, that is carp refereeing. Surely he must have thought 'That's two shots I haven't picked a ball out of the pocket?' Get him off the referees list.

Anonymous said...

there is something fishy about carp refereeing

Sparky said...

Everybody in the hall (incl the ref and Maguire) must be thinking "Hey, he potted two reds in a row, didn't he...? But I dare not point it out, I'll make a fool of myself if I'm wrong...".

Shouldn't the Ref in the upper box by the cameras have pointed it out? He could just have checked the video tape!

Matt said...

It was on table two so there was no man in the upper box (the marker), there unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

The shot he played on the mystery 2nd red was a diabolical one.
Ding is cracking up I believe.

kimball said...

The discussion about this sequence being a tampered tape seems to be gone.
I have watched the chinese version
and it is nonsense.
The tape is faked and don´t tell me in a hundred years time, that a proref + two proplayers and spectators + wievers on telly and a pro camerateam should miss 2 reds in a row.televised!

Dave H said...

As I said above, I have seen the original BBC footage and it's not a fake.

Anonymous said...

we should all mail the beeb when the WC is on to get them to show it...

Anonymous said...

Kimball, its real, stuff happens in life.
Seen it a few times over the years more worrying if you think its a fake is why anyone would go as far as to fake such a random thing as this.

Sir Toby Belch said...

I thought it was fake when I first saw it. If not though, it seems like quite a strange simultaneous lapse of concentration from Ding and the referee. It's not as if there was any big distraction or even a particularly long pause between shots. Makes me wonder what was going on in Ding's head to make him pot a red, look around for a few moments presumably looking at angles from colours, then get straight down and pot another red.
Extrememly bad refereeing though - looks like he just wasn't paying attention.

GlobalSnookerCentre said...

there wasn't a marker on this match. On the this table the referee was using the zapper to add the scores.

it was also a bit of a problem on this table, because, for some odd reason, the sensor for the zapper, was located high up on the side wall and not near the monitor where the ref usually points his zapper.

I was in that arena taking photos later on the match, but not on that frame and none of us in the media centre watching the match live on the monitor noticed Ding's aberration.

Anonymous said...

im close to stephen and watched every ball and can asure you its fake

Dave H said...

Yep, I watched every shot on tape and it isn't a fake.

ON FIRE said...

bet you a pound dave its fake

Anonymous said...


ive read on a well known snooker forum that a WS representative has checked this out on tape and commented on it actually having happened.

now, either the person posting is fibbing, but i know he knows a lot of folk in the game and i know he knows the person mentioned who works for WS, so.......

when this happens, someone is wrong.

is it the WS rep, or did the guy misread his mail from him?


Dave H said...

For the last time: it did happen, I've seen it. That's it. End of.

kimball said...

I,ll believe this chinese cracker
when BBC runs it on the mastertape.


Anonymous said...

listen here, this is stephen theres no way did i miss ding potting 2 reds in a row. ITS FAKE

kimball said...

Even if you are the wrong Stephen,
there are other tapes on You Tube,
showing the black potted in the sidepocket for going to 36 and the ref. scoring 36 the same second!
If that is true, it would be totally against the ref. way of scoring and announcing after spotting the black.
If it was true, Colin should give back his license and if you are the
right Stephen, please stay sharp
through complete tournaments!
You are costing a lot of bread,
whinig about feeling flat!


Dave H said...

If you really are Stephen Maguire, email me at the address top right and I will very happily ring you and talk you through the footage I have seen.

kimball said...

Dear Dave,

what about Colin Humphries, any comment from him?


Anonymous said...


he says every person in every walk of life, including EVERY snooker referee makes human error mistakes and he is no different

Anonymous said...

OK, Mr Hendon you saw some bbc footage and you decree it's real. Any second opinion on that? Because you cannot dismiss what other people think just by saying That's it. End of. Even if it's on your blog. ;)

Indeed, everyone can make mistakes, Mr Hendon included.

Anonymous said...

Ding's gesture and face seems like that he reliased he potted 2 reds in a row, but not going to point it out.

Anonymous said...

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