I don't know whether Tony Knowles is still regarded as the housewives' favourite but there will doubtless be many nostalgics pleased to see him come through the first stage of the World Championship qualifiers.

Knowles beat Stefan Mazrocis 10-9 to advance to the main tour section, where he will face Rodney Goggins.

But today is all about another star of yesteryear who has done as much as anyone - including those who actually have won it - to popularise the World Championship.

I refer, of course, to Jimmy White, who faces Vincent Muldoon.

Vinnie is just 18 and so won't remember any of White's six world final defeats, which is a sobering thought, and not just for Jimmy.

No doubt he will put his army of fans watching the live scoring through the usual agonies today.


Anonymous said...

mon Jimmy

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Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Its time Snooker Players realised that the game and the rewards are about TV entertainment, not the first to the line or the last man standing.
Snooker in this country is in decline and in danger of disintegrating into small factions fighting over a disappearing bone, yet entertainment is never mentioned as the problem but simply the lack of sponsors.
Snookers past champions are proving to the world that the game is not attractive by the absence of the "Bing Crosby OPEN or the many OPENS that could be sponsored by the top tobacco earners.
Sponsors generally are not interested in the commodity, but the hiring of viewing customers.
Snookers only chance of surviving without the BBC BACKING is to become self supporting. The BBC probable wouldn’t survive without the help of EURO SPORT.
There are far too many subsidiary businesses living off the game of Snooker without contributing to the game. No firm advertises ENTERTAINING tables, cues, chalk or clothes but are relying on snooker for business.
What should come first: Entertaining Snooker or Sponsors?