The third Snooker Scene podcast features myself and my colleague Phil Yates answering your questions - albeit ones sent in a long time ago.

Click here to hear Phil's views on Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O'Sullivan, whether the game should go open, Michael Holt's career prospects and hiding from Alex Higgins among many other subjects.

For reasons that will become clear, I should point out it was recorded before Ali Carter won the Welsh Open.

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We will be answering more questions very soon, so if you have any please send them to snookersceneblog@aol.com.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Phil and David- very enjoyable Podcast. What about you both doing a preview of the world championsip after the draw has been made?
John H

Anonymous said...


thank you

(how long beofre the comments on here trun to "ronnie"?)

Matt said...

Just got round to listening, very good again. I think what I liked about that one in particular was the fact that a lot of the topics covered and stories told were less well-known ones. For example references to Phil hiding from Higgins, the tournament in France, the answer about Selby/Gray in Scotland...very interesting stuff.

Thanks for the nice comment and reading not one but two of my questions too. Interesting answer in particular on the best shot point, I was expecting the blue to be mentioned but I'd forgotten the brown against Jimmy, might have to get the DVD out...

Oh and I agree with John H too, a World Championship preview would be a good discussion I think. Perhaps having a three-way chat at some point between for example you, Phil and Clive would be an idea too, equipment permitting?

Anonymous said...

Dear Eurosport. Is it not time to remind your resident commentators on snooker that the game has progressed quite a bit since Joe Davis wrote his last book on “Snooker Coaching”.
The danger and caution of playing across the nap was true when the “Table Clothes” were like smooth fur coats and the balls could choose there own direction when moving slowly. The modern clothes are almost without the friction of the nap.
It will be very difficult to find a substitute excuse for the many easy shots missed when played “With the nap” “Against the nap” and most of all “Across the nap”, which always sounds to the viewer like the player is walking across a mine field.
Commentators and snooker pundits generally should realise they are “Talking” to there pay masters and talking repetitive drivel is sadly turning away potential Customers on hire to the sponsor. The current snooker being played is apparently without copyright, and the many Joe Davis books should be raided for long lost snooker know how on the coaching game.
Snooker The Fine Art is an alternative to the Joe Davis method, but has been rejected by the WPBSA and W/S. Please note that the Fine Art method is an alternative, not a replacement.

Dave H said...

I'm not going to have spamming on here. You made your point the first time - you didn't need to make it another four.

Sammy said...

WOW! My Question about Holt is Answered!

Chris said...

A very good podcast, interesting to listen to. Thank you.