I'm told now Peter Ebdon has also now backed out of supporting the EGM to remove the WPBSA board.

So that's three of the seven players who signed the original motion who have now changed their minds.

Any more takers?


Janie Watkins said...

Mike Dunn has also withdrawn his name.

Betty Logan said...

This really looks like the end of snooker's civil war.

Anonymous said...

110's version-

110sport’s Ali Carter has withdrawn his name from the EGM requisitioned to remove the WPBSA board.

When speaking to 110sport Chairman Lee Doyle at the World Open Carter revealed he was wary of a backlash from snooker’s hierarchy and this week the world No.2 decided to back out of the EGM.

“Ali stated to me his fear of retribution if he was to be linked to the proposal,” Doyle revealed.

“It is clear there is still unrest in the game and until proper money is invested and the players are earning what they should be earning unfortunately this will not disappear.”

Yeah right.

Steve K said...

I am hoping that Martin Gould will follow suit shortly. He seems like a nice chap and he also seems to be benefiting greatly from the added playing oppourtunites given to him at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Steve K.- Id say gould is more afraid of repercussions from 110 than he is from world snooker. well done Carter for bringing this sham down

Anonymous said...

I never would have imagined this turning out as as it has. It is like the final defense of Berlin in 1945, using what little capacity left to hold out against the victors before being permanently left in the dust of history.

Ebdon and King: are you done know or are you ready to produce yet another episode of your largely ignored show "Let's Ruing Snooker"?