And the answers are...

1) Graeme Dott lost in four ranking event finals before winning a title.

2) Jim Donnelly was the first Scot to play at the Crucible, in 1982.

3) Lawrie Annandale refereed the 1998 World Championship final.

4) John Higgins beat Ken Doherty to win his first Masters title.

5) Stephen Maguire is the youngest player to compile a 147 break in a ranking tournament.


kildare cueman said...

Payback time Dave(or anyone else who wants to have a go)

1. Which player raised eyebrows by eating a ham sandwich while playing at the crucible?

2. Who was the first player to win the masters on a respotted black?

3. The rest of the world were surprise finalists in the 1989 team championship.
Name the 3 players that were on the team.

4. Terry Griffiths won the world championship at his first attempt in 1979. A few months before his win, he lost 9-8 in the UK after leading 8-2.
Who was the comeback king on this occasion?

5. Who is the only player to make a century in his first ever frame at the crucible?

Dave H said...

1) Steve Davis

2) John Spencer

3) Dene O'Kane, Silvino Francisco and...at a guess...Tony Drago

4) Rex Williams

5) Fergal O'Brien

Anonymous said...

KC,those were way too easy.

kildare cueman said...

Im not worthy.

ddrIII said...

Fergel O'Brien is the only answer I know.

Anonymous said...

too easy - get up to DH level