The EGM requistioned to remove the WPBSA board has taken a farcical turn with the news that Ali Carter, one of the seven players who signed the original motion, has withdrawn his support.

Carter has written to the governing body to request his name is removed from the list of those calling for change.

This is a huge blow to his own manager, 110sport's Lee Doyle, who is leading the attempt to depose WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson and his board of directors.

Doyle, whose bid to prevent Barry Hearn seizing control of snooker failed in June, wants to replace them with himself, Nigel Bond and Jim McMahon, who was voted off less than a year ago.

But the EGM is now clearly discredited. If Carter doesn't even believe in it any more, why should any of the players whose support is being courted?


Anonymous said...

ali don't need the politics man,
too much on his plate proving he is
a genuine top player who can clinch trophies....enuff to do.

he don't need the crap,nor does snooker as a whole....what egm ??

Anonymous said...

Well done Ali for seeing sense. The cynical amongst us would never think for a moment he only signed the form in the first palce to get a new record breaking three year deal.

David Caulfield said...

Echoes of what are now thankfully the old days - farce.

Move on, guys!

Maza said...

Ali has shown he can think for himself instead of being a puppet.

kildare cueman said...

All credit to Carter, who has probably realised how insane this takeover attempt is.

The state and direction of the game is currently very positive for players, and the only people that would benefit from the proposed board change are those who wish to join.

These people had their chance and failed. Why on earth would the membership even remotely contemplate allowing them to get their greedy incompetent mitts on the reins again.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. Doyle, Ebdon, McMahon, all names that conjure up horrible memories of a time when the game was dieing, sponsors were disappearing, and players morale was at an all time low.

I expect Gould, if he has any sense, to follow Carters lead. The rest of them are nearly finished anyway, in a playing capacity, and probably see the obvious benefits of having their manager represented on the board.

Anonymous said...

theres more trouble brewing, i feel.

Anonymous said...

Carters involvement with 110 will surely be untenable after this!

The Snooker Oracle said...

It takes a solid individual to be prepared to change his mind and go against the views of his manager.

Fair play indeed to Ali Carter.

Colin M said...

Hi Dave,

A most interesting update. I wonder who or what has changed Carter's mind on this.

Am I correct in thinking that the scope of the WPBSA board is now extremely limited in nature - essentially concerned with the members rule-book and players' conduct against those rules? I assume it does not have a role in deciding on commercial matters, contracts, prize money, expansion of the sport into other markets, public relations? Those topics reside with "World Snooker", who hold the commerial rights, correct?

Anonymous said...

Only problem is, half the players probably won't turn up for the meeting and Doyle and Hill will arrive with a load of proxies. It will be a shame if they get in.

Anonymous said...

Mike Dunn has pulled out of the coup now.

Anonymous said...

Dunn out too. He spoke to me earlier.