Former referee Alan Chamberlain, who retired from the circuit earlier this year, has been co-opted to the WPBSA board.

"Over many years, Alan has worked at the highest level of impartiality. He will play an important role on the board in our function as owner and governer of the rules and regulations of the sport," said Jason Ferguson, the WPBSA chairman.

It makes sense to have someone with a thorough knowledge of the rules sitting on the board as they can take feedback from players and officials regarding any that may need to be tweaked or clarified.

Also invited to join the board is Zhang Xiaoning of the Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association.

Sindhu Pulsirivong, the long time president of the Billiards Sports Association of Thailand and the man responsible for the many events staged there over the years, has been made WPBSA president.

These two latter appointments foreshadow a greater move into Asia, with more tournaments likely in both China and Thailand.

"Snooker is already very popular in Thailand but there is still great potential for growth. We are of course a global governing body and it is our belief that we need to open our doors further to the growth of snooker in the whole of Asia," Ferguson said.


Anonymous said...

Good constructive appointments. Certainly a lot more appealing than the spectre of Bond and co.

Anonymous said...

These seem sensible appointments.

Maza said...

Good to see some more international faces on the board.

Betty Logan said...

I was half hoping Nigel Bond would make the board. He would then turn up to the board meeting to find Barry Hearn stroking a white pussy cat, who would greet Nigel with "We've been expecting you Mr Bond". Barry would then reveal all his evil plans to Nigel, who would promptly escape the attempts of Hearn's evil henchman Steve Davis to feed him to piranhas, and would promptly save World Snooker from being sold to the Chinese with seconds to spare.

Nigel will return in the UK Championship...

Anonymous said...

An inspired series of appointments.

A 'Voice to the board' for the referee's (Long overdue IMO).

An Ambassador of the biggest growth area for the game.

And recognition for a great job done on snookers behalf in the far east (Again, long overdue IMO)

We once had Ian Woosnam as president :o)

Anonymous said...

Jason Could you start by opening up Live Scoring so we can know whats happening in the snooker world ?

mate if you cant do a simple thing like that i dont hold much hope of taking snooker Global. Do you ?

Anonymous said...


What are you on about? The live scoring has already been up during the World Open and EPTC event.

Anonymous said...

jesus christ its been up and its been down its in fact being doing the hokey bloody cokey.

there's more consistency in the life of Ronnie O'Sullivan than that rubbish.

Anonymous said...

here we are almost 1am and no scores of the last 32 in the PTC Anywhere jesus this is not good enough.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Chamberlain was appointed only after Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Margaret Thatcher, Ant and Dec, Yasser Arafat, Gerry Adams, Fern Britton, the cast of The Muppet Show, Bruce Forsyth, Jeffrey Archer, Ronnie Biggs, Gerald Ratner, Simon Cowell, Graham Taylor, Bob Crow, Ben Johnson, Norman Tebbit, John Virgo, Pat Mooney, Jennifer Thompson and Helen Wood, George Gillett and Tom Hicks, Derek Hatton, David Icke, Ken Livingstone, The Glaziers, Father Abraham and Victoria Beckham had knocked it back, but ahead of Lee Doyle

Anonymous said...

dave please please please have a word with these idiots at world snooker is it really a big ask just to keep us up to date with the scores even if the scoreboard isnt working.

Anonymous said...

The scoreboard in unable to be fixed during this current tournament and will not be operational again until PTC6.

There have been technicians from the software provider on site to remedy the problem, they have been unsuccessful.

Anonymous said...

To: 10.40 AM

I take it you're not one of Alan fans?

Anonymous said...

lolol at 10.13 ok fair enough scoreboard is out of use, what about keeping us updated REGULARLY with score and frame scores not really a big ask in this day and age is it.

Anonymous said...

"The scoreboard in unable to be fixed during this current tournament and will not be operational again until PTC6.

There have been technicians from the software provider on site to remedy the problem, they have been unsuccessful."

is it to much to ask for

A) a post saying that on the website with a apology.

B) update scores manually

C) Put scores on to the draw sheet correctly

and finally

D) Getting a Live Scoring that actually Works unhindered.

extreamly poor governing body that adds up to

Anonymous said...

You know what the problem with Alan Chamberlain is?

Anonymous said...


is that a question?