The EGM to remove the WPBSA board is unravelling by the hour.

Following the news Ali Carter requested his name be removed from the requisition form, Mike Dunn has now followed suit.

He told The Snooker Forum: "I want to move on and concentrate on being a player as being on the previous board has held me back for seven years because of lack of practice. I love the sport and want to be part of the new future."

Dunn is now in the top 32 for the first time in his career and I can well understand why he would rather concentrate on playing than yet more political strife.

As for the EGM, if Carter's withdrawal damaged its credibility, Dunn's has surely sunk it completely.

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Anonymous said...

Heaven help us..Dunn wishes to concentrate on his snooker...

He could barely pot a ball in the World Open. Some of the lowest quality snooker I've ever seen. Perhaps this would only be eclipsed if they gave ME the Masters wild card...