Last week's Thursday quiz was variously criticised for being both too difficult and too easy.

Well, to quote Chris Tarrant: it's only easy if you know the answers. Or if you Google them.

This week's theme is Welsh players...

1) Which former Welsh professional had worked previously as an ice cream salesman?

2) How many times has Mark Williams qualified for the Crucible?

3) How many matches has Matthew Stevens won at the Masters since capturing the title in 2000?

4) In which tournament did Terry Griffiths make his last appearance in a ranking event?

5) What is Dominic Dale's real first name?

You can turn over your papers...now.


Anonymous said...

1 Terry Griffiths

2 once in 2009 he lost 1st round to Hendry

3 seing as the question been asked id say nothing.

4 1997 World Championship Lost 10-9 to Mark Williams

5 chris

Janie (Taffy) Watkins!! said...

Oooh a Welsh quiz - Da Iawn. Cymru am Byth!!

Anonymous said...

1. Colin Roscoe
2. Ermm 23
3. One?
4. UK?
5. Christopher (now that one I DO KNOW)

Anonymous said...

1. Doug Mountjoy
2. Once
3. 2
4. No idea
5. Llewelyn or Taff to his mates

ddrIII said...

2) 1 time

Others don't know :P

Greg P said...

1 Cliff Wilson (guess)
2 Twice (1997 and 2009)
3 I would guess 0 or 1 or 2
4 1997 World Champs
5 no idea

Anonymous said...

This is more like it Dave

1. Terry Griffiths

2. Once (2009)

3. One

4. 1997 World Championship

5. Christopher


Anonymous said...

good to be reminded of Colin Roscoe