This week's quiz has an Irish theme...

1) In how many ranking tournament finals did Dennis Taylor appear?

2) Against whom did Alex Higgins make his highest ever break in the World Championship?

3) What was the name of the snooker club in Ranelagh where Ken Doherty learned his trade?

4) In which city did Fergal O'Brien win his first ranking title?

5) Stephen Hendry won the Irish Masters three times but how many finals did he reach in total?


Anonymous said...

1) Six

2) Tony Knowles

3) Jason's

4) Plymouth

5) Seven

kildare cueman said...

1. 5
2. Ray reardon
3. Jasons
4. Plymouth
5. 7

Anonymous said...

1. 4
2. Ray Reardon
3. Jasons
4. I'm not going to copy and say Plymouth because I didn't know.
5. 6

Donal said...

I'm Irish and the only one I'm sure about is 3. Jason's closed down about 3/4 years ago, around the same time Ken's career started going south.

Anonymous said...

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