Stephen Maguire has undergone laser surgery on his eyes.

The world no.2, who had been struggling with his eyesight, didn't fancy trying the glasses made famous by 1985 world champion Dennis Taylor.

Maguire said: “It is what everyone who has had the surgery says, but I really wish I had got my eyesight corrected earlier.

"I used to need glasses for driving and watching TV. Playing snooker I could never get used to the special glasses you needed to wear, so I got by without anything, which was not ideal.

“Last season I felt my eyes strain under the tournament lights. I was aware that my eyesight was not as clear as it could be and I had to concentrate harder to see the pockets.

"I visited Optical Express in Glasgow who recommended laser eye surgery and within two weeks, I had gone through the consultation and had my treatment done.

“It was such a simple process and I’m delighted with my results. I have already changed the lenses in my old glasses to make sunglasses as I have no need for driving glasses anymore.”

The first test for Maguire will be an exhibition event in Beijing on July 7, which includes Stephen Hendry, Mark Allen and Liang Wenbo.


Anonymous said...

It's good that Maguire's fixed his eyesight. He's an outstanding player, and a real character to boot - just what this great game needs more of.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @ 5.36

There's not enough characters in the current game, unlike progressive sports like darts and WWF wrestling.

Snooker sure could do with a Hulk Hogan and a Jocky Wilson gracing the baize.

Matt said...

Interesting, wasn't aware that he had problems. Hope he can rediscover his 2007/8 form next year.

Anonymous said...

who are the charicters in Darts and Wrestling ?

because you just names people thats past it for atleast 10 years+ in theire chosen sports so youre strugling in thoes sports aswell.

you compare Hulk Hogan and Jocky Wilson to Alex Higgins and Cliff Thorburn and not to Mark Selby and todays players.

Chris said...

Interesting news. I never knew that Maguire was having problems with his eyes. I know how Maguire feels as I had the same problem. If your vision isn't good and it isn't good enough for snooker then you would need to wear glasses, however the normal glasses aren't the right size or shape for snooker and you'll find yourself looking over the top of the frames in the correct playing position, or the glasses will be too heavy.

Or you could get contact lenses or laser eye surgery, these two options are what many people don't want.

The only other option other than carrying on as before which isn't what you want is to get snooker glasses. Glasses perfect for snooker, which I use now after suffering from terrible eyesight for snooker for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an advert, is he on commission?

George Riley said...

I had my eyes done earlier this year too. As Hendon will testify to, I am now unbeatable with cue in hand.

Anonymous said...

In snooker are you allowed to put any kind of sighting on the cue, making it a bit like a rifle I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Maybay WildJONESoneeye kood get aye surgery, two.

Anonymous said...

I got glasses made to measure a year ago, not them big DT ones! lol
Now im back on the tour, i can even see the nets in the bag from miles away :)
Wish i done it earlier but ive got my chance now!


Anonymous said...

I remember while on the bevvy with Patsy Fagan a few years back, he picked up a couple of glasses we'd been drinking whisky out of and held them to his eyes.

Oh, how we laughed.

We were a wee bit pissed :-)

Anonymous said...

The BBC need glasses. I've just tuned in to watch Crimewatch and the bloody tennis is on!

They never shift programmes around if there is a snooker match on do they? No, they just tell you to hit the red button. This is a disgrace. My red button doesn't work.

Our great sport is suffering because the BBC are showing other sports. To help snooker grow we've got to get other sports off of our screens. Who on earth wants to watch tennis? Or football, cricket, golf, rugby or darts. What chance do we have when these minority sports are taking over the airwaves? The BBC schedulers should be on Crimewatch!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7.49pm

atleast spelling is superficial being a pratt is heredatary..

Anonymous said...

I love darts.

Best sport on TV at the moment!

DartsFan said...

No drugs or gambling ricks in darts.

Anonymous said...

There are no characters in tennis any more.
Where are the Ile Nastase's or the Jeff Tarango's or erm, the Ivan Lendl's...?
All we have now are boring Roger Federer and Andy Murray.
Its a joke.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.42

you think

i find it boring and repetative just throwing arrows at a wall.

like watching paint dry.

Anonymous said...

11:51pm you say tennis is a joke and Roger and Murray are boring, might have something to do with the £850,000 that's on offer to the winner.

Anonymous said...

Watching the tennis last night the crowd got involved after every point, and sometimes during them. The players didn't seem to mind. Maybe that's what snooker is missing, and perhaps why our great sport is suffering. We should allow spectators to stand up and applaud and cheer loudly between shots. This will get the excitement back into the beautiful game.

The great characters of yesteryear didn't seem to mind too much if there was background noise going on. In fact they seemed to thrive on it.

Anonymous said...

it does happen now and infact theres a letter regarding passionate crowds in this months Snooker Scene from ex pro Colin Bingham.

the letter was in regard to the Mark Allen v Ronnie O'Sullivan match in the WC this year where the Referee did it seems Stamp on Allens Suporters without any real need when they did Get Loud.

i think the Refs has to be a little Forgiving and let the crowds as much as possible get in to the match.

Mark Allen brings with him great suport and it would be a shame if thoes people didnt travel because they are Fed up with getting a Hard Time.

Anonymous said...

Maguire probably got the treatment for nothing (or at a reduced rate) for putting his name to the advertorial.

Like the line about the betting slips !

Dave H said...

I didn't, which is why I deleted it

If the law suits start flying about it'll be me who's up before the beak, not some anonymous 'comedian'

Anonymous said...

No chance of a law suit being issued on that basis.

Stephen Maguire has admitted many time he likes to punt on horses and fixed odds soccer coupons.

Case dismissed!

Janie Watkins said...

I'm glad the laser has worked ofr him. I wish I could have laser treatment, but it's far too expensive - anyone want to sponsor me?


Anonymous said...

Janie, I wouldn't bother even thinking about laser treatment if I was you. My OH has been receiving treatment for his eyes due to diabetic problems for a few years and his consultant (one of the very best in the world) wears glasses - that I think speak volumes!!