Some self-regarding nonsense now. I started this blog three years ago today. Nobody read it for quite a long time and now a lot of people read it.

In the last year alone we have had visitors from 131 countries.

The original idea was to make the blog an extension of the magazine but something that could respond immediately to events from the snooker world and also to stir up some debate and pass on bits of news to snooker fans that they can’t read anywhere else.

It was never intended to be political but, at times, it has had to be, such is the nature of this weird and wonderful sport.

I have always tried to be fair to the players who are, after all, the guys out there on the frontline driving the interest in the game. This includes respecting their privacy rather than blurting out gossip. I know a number of them read it, hopefully without any cause for complaint.

Blogging has a bad name in some quarters. David Simon, the creator and head writer of The Wire, one of the best drama series ever to come out of the US (and they’ve had a few) recently criticised the whole industry because of his concerns, as a former journalist, that comment was replacing proper journalism.

His point was that too many bloggers were merely commenting on other people’s stories rather than writing their own.

Perhaps there is something in this, but blogging is a democratic medium. Anyone can do it. It allows for different viewpoints and healthy (and at times unhealthy) debate.

Unlike a newspaper, you are not at the behest of a proprietor. My views on here are my own. I don’t follow any set ‘party line.’

And whatever anyone thinks of blogs, they are here to stay.

As for comments, I have always welcomed them. Only rarely do any have to be deleted for reasons of gratuitous offence or possible libel.

I tend to agree with Guido Fawkes, the UK's leading blogger, who writes an insider's account of political affairs. He says of blog comments:

"The comments are not a general forum, the convention with blogs is that you discuss the subject in the post, perhaps going off occasionally in a tangent, perhaps referencing breaking news, but not posting off topic about your hobby horse again. Nor are they somewhere to repetively spam with links."

I plan to carry on in much the same way but am always open to suggestions, so if you have any feel free to leave them.

In the meantime, many thanks to all those who take time to read the Snooker Scene Blog.

For the record, this is post no.992.


Sammy said...

Happy Birthday!
What's post No.1000 gonna be about?
I think it should be a look back at the past 3 Years.

Also, any news on the Podcast? I want to hear our questions!

Thanks for the past 3 Years!

Anonymous said...

I love reading this blog because it brings some sanity to the world knowing there are other people who think like I do. There's so much shit written about snooker by people who haven't got a clue, on the internet and in the newspapers so it's refreshing and important to have a pretty much daily update service by someone who knows what's what.

Dave H - a journalist who loves snooker and speaks a lot of sense about the sport and isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. The natural successor to Clive Everton, thank christ because now I no longer fear the day Clive hangs up his mic/pen like I once did.

I also read Guido Fawkes blog and agree with his point on comments. I post on forums too but blogs are different and too many people don't seem to grasp this. You've got to stay on topic which is why it's best to remain anonymous to avoid the bitching you get everywhere else in internet snooker land.

And yes, The Wire is the best thing there's ever been on tv. I'm currently two episodes from end of series 4 and the working day is ticking along very slowly as I long to be home with a glass of wine to watch the climax!

Anyway, here's to the next 3 years of this blog and beyond and here's hoping the name Dave Hendon becomes household and the next official "voice of snooker".

Matt said...

Good stuff, it actually feels like so much longer because I can hardly remember following snooker without the information posted here.

Anonymous said...

"In the meantime, many thanks to all those who take time to read the Snooker Scene Blog."

A big "thank you" back for the man who's putting all the time and effort in it!!

Thank You Dave!!

Anonymous said...

*pats Dave on the back

well done, Sir

Anonymous said...

*taps Dave on the top of the head

Good work that man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Dave. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

* rubs Daves bum


Anonymous said...

Are we having a champagne reception to celebrate the 1000th?

I'm sure Clive would be only to pleased to sponsor a virtual toast ...

Well done and keep it up - and the blog


Monique said...

Happy birthday and long live to this blog :)

OT: when I read the title I rhought it was about the EBSA Euro Champoionships currently under way in Belgium and where quite extraordinarily Ireland placed 3 young players in the semis (Brendan O'Donoghue, Mario Fernandez and David Hogan), the fourth semi-finalist being German (Sacha Lippe).

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Indeed, it has been a well-written insight to the game - needed more now than ever!

And am glad to say I've been here from the start! Polishes Halo!

Now you just need to tidy up the snooker scene website which, frankly, is awful. Statistics out of date...come on! Get Chris Turner on the case!

Can't go without setting a question: Have you read the Snooker Players Association new manifesto - headed by Steve Davis - and what do you make of it? I do like the support they will be giving to the players - if only Chris Small was still playing - but will they have the support of all the players, when they can't even be bothered to vote on issues that the WSA bring up?

Thanks, Joe

Sean B said...

The first place i go to for snooker is here.

Thanks and well done Dave for the great work you do on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

congratulations and a big THANK YOU from Germany. I'd be totally lost if it wasn't for your and Matt's blogs.

What I like the most - aside from the information - is that you are not afraid of writing down your opinion on things may it be controversal or not.

And many many thanks for the link to the fry and laurie video on youtube you posted some days ago. Didn't know them. What a team … :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great blog well done Dave, but you kept this one quiet " * rubs Daves bum


I think you have pulled David ;)

Vladimira Prochazkova said...

Hello Dave,
I congratulate you on your success. Your blog is very good. Go on!
I sending you best wishes from Prague.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Dave.Keep up the good work.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic , David Hogan has won the european championship ,beeting another irish player Mario fernandaz in the final. Well done David , he will get nominated for a main tour place.

Anonymous said...

totally you mean...

Danna said...

Good luck, my site celebrates one year more - fourth birthday :-)