A few questions for the world champion...

Q: How old were you when you first played snooker?
A: 9

Q: How old were you when you made your first century?
A: 11

Q: How many cues have you used during your career?
A: 6

Q: What’s your proudest moment in snooker?
A: Winning my first world title in 1998

Q: And what’s your worst moment?
A: Losing in the 2000 World Championship semi-finals to Mark Williams

Q: What’s the best match you’ve been involved in?
A: The 1998 world final against Ken Doherty

Q: Who was your boyhood snooker hero?
A: Steve Davis

Q: And who is your sporting hero now?
A: Andy Murray

Q: How do you relax away from snooker?
A: Go to the cinema

Q: What’s your favourite film?
A: Grease

Q: What’s your favourite TV show?
A: The Wire

Q: What’s your favourite band?
A: Oasis

Q: What’s your favourite song?
A: The Masterplan by Oasis

Q: What’s your favourite book?
A: Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

Q: What’s your favourite type of food?
A: Seafood

Q: What’s your favourite drink?
A: Water

Q: What’s your favourite holiday destination?
A: Mauritius

Q: Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with?
A: Alex Higgins

Q: What are your remaining ambitions in snooker?
A: Just to win my next tournament


Anonymous said...

Q: What’s your favourite film?
A: Grease

Q: What’s your favourite TV show?
A: The Wire

While the first answer scared me somewhat I'm glad to see John has excellent taste in television :D

Dave H said...

He certainly does. He once leant me a load of Sopranos DVDs which I watched one after the other for about seven hours.

jamie brannon said...

Why Alex Higgins does he have personal with him as I remeber he slagged him off a few years ago.

Anonymous said...


dont neglect youre blog like that again haha

Anonymous said...

At least he's not been embroiled in the betting scandals that's blighting our once great game.

Although, he played like a cock in NI last year!!

Anonymous said...

betting scandals blighting our once great game ?

exactly in what way is isolated incidents of twice and neither proven blighting the game ?

this whats iratating when theres betting scandals in other sports its isolated and only the players getting picked up but ohhh no with snooker 1 bad apple the whole sport is rotten..

Football,Cricket,HorseRacing had betting scandals even at the start of wimbledon this week there was a betting scandal but they ok but look out if its in snooker everyone is at it.....

Anonymous said...

Most people who have met Alex Higgins feel that way about him.
Its the ones that haven't who still idolise him.

Anonymous said...

ive met him he was a pain then but you expect that with him so it didnt affect my opinion of him.

when you meet someone and they dont act how you expect them to act is when you go off them.

Alex is true to who he is and you got to respect him for that.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Josef Fritzl, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein. They were all true to who they were (or are), so you've got to respect them for that. Great guys.

I met Saddam once and he had me shot, but hey, I expected it so I didn't go off him at all.

Anonymous said...

well said 8-46

even though your post was a tad 'extreme' it showed 12-38s post for what it was. rubbish !!

Anonymous said...

jesus christ theres stupidaty on this place 8.46 and 9.04 try and be sensable it might be a tad to much work for you but exactly who the hell has Alex killed or has he been in the news for incest ....

what a bunch of walleys you really are.

Anonymous said...

its a pity there isnt a ban on under 16's on here so that 10-54 wouldnt get on....