Next season's PartyPoker.com Premier League will feature Ronnie O'Sullivan, John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Marco Fu, Neil Robertson, Stephen Hendry and Judd Trump.

Matchroom Sport, the promoters, have released the following statement confirming the line up:

"Matchroom Sport can announce the seven players set to take part in this year’s PartyPoker.com Premier League which commences at Penrith Leisure Centre on Thursday 3rd of September and concludes with the play-offs at Potters Leisure Resort, Hopton-on-Sea on the weekend of the 28th and 29th November.

Leading the way is defending champion and World No.1 Ronnie O’Sullivan who will be attempting to lift this title for an astonishing sixth consecutive season and ninth time overall.

The Essex-based ‘Rocket’ has made this Sky Sports-televised event his own in recent times, beating Mark Selby 7-2 in last year’s final, John Higgins 7-4 in 2007 and Jimmy White 7-0 in ’06.

World Champion Higgins will be returning to Premier League action in an attempt to halt O’Sullivan’s dominance and he will be joined by UK Champion and World Championship runner-up Shaun Murphy.

Higgins was a winner of the Premier League ten years ago when he beat Jimmy White in Maidenhead and will be looking to have a good run after failing to qualify for the play-offs last year.

Murphy makes his second appearance in the event, having played in 2005, following a massive return to form over the past 12 months.

World No.8 Marco Fu is also a previous Premier League Champion when in a memorable weekend in May 2003, he toppled O’Sullivan 6-4 in the semi-finals before beating then World Champion Mark Williams 9-5 to land his first professional title.

The second overseas player in the line-up is Australia’s improving Neil Robertson, who bagged his third career ranking title last year when he won the inaugural Bahrain Snooker Championship.

Robertson had a torrid time of it on his only other Premier League outing in 2007 and will be looking to improve on that year’s showing.

While ‘legend’ is a term freely used in sport, it is hard to think of any other word when describing seven-time World Champion Stephen Hendry.

The 40 year-old Scot has achieved everything there is to achieve in the game, several times over, and is still a very dangerous competitor. Hendry last won the League in 2004 but that will mean nothing when the action gets underway.

Finally, the joker in the pack is Bristol teenager Judd Trump. The up-and-coming World No.30 qualified for the Premier League by winning the ultra-competitive Championship League Snooker. Hailed as one of snooker’s greatest ever prospects, Trump now gets his chance to see what he can do among the game’s elite.

Commented Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn, “I think this is very exciting line-up with a diverse selection of top players competing.

“Of course, Ronnie will always be the man to beat in this event, but I feel anyone of the others has a chance of winning this title come the end of November.

“Some of the players have struggled with the 25 second shot clock but coping with that has always been one of O’Sullivan’s many strengths.

“The standard is high and I am looking forward to 12 nights of top class snooker in September, October and November this year.”

Now entering its 24th season, the PartyPoker.com Premier League Snooker is the world’s only major snooker tournament played to a league format. The field consists of seven of the very best players in the world and each player plays the others once over the best of six frames, making a total of 21 matches.

There are two points available for a win and a point for a 3 – 3 draw and following the round robin section of play, the top four players moved forward to the big money play-offs in December.

The total prize fund is in excess of £200,000, and the money for the round-robin section will be dished out on a ‘frames won’ basis with £1,000 awarded for each frame. In addition, there is a ‘Double Your Money’ bonus for a break of 100 or over of another £1,000.

Successful players carry forward their bonuses to the play-offs where the serious money is up for grabs. The £1,000 for a century bonus stays and the champion receives £30,000, the runner-up takes home an additional £15,000 and the beaten semi-finalists make an extra £5,000 each.

The semi-finals are the best of 11 frames and the final is over 13 frames.

The event will be broadcast for over 48 hours LIVE coverage on Sky Sports in the UK and Matchroom Sport Television will produce 24 x 2 hour highlight programmes syndicated globally."

The one player who can count himself unlucky is Mark Selby, who finished runner-up to O'Sullivan in the Premier League last year.

I expect Robertson got the nod over him because of Australian TV sales, although the Melbourne man did win a ranking event (Selby didn't) and got further than the Leicester Jester at the Crucible.

The other surprise is the exclusion of Ding Junhui, but Fu is now the highest ranked Asian and was the UK Championship runner-up last season.


Anonymous said...

old news dave (though it may not have been confirmed as correct)

the confirmed line up has been online in the public domain for at least a week.

it was posted on the Ronnie forums last wednesday.........

Dave H said...

I know it has, but I don't break embargoes if asked not to

And not everyone who reads this blog reads Ronnie O'Sullivan's website forum

Anonymous said...

i wasnt having a go. i know things get leaked early all the time, and in some cases its deliberate too.

i never said everyone who reads this blog reads Ronnies website either so i dont see that comment as relevant as my post mentions online (and then stating but one source)

Matt said...

Have you got any idea when the venues will be announced in full Dave? Seen most of them on ROS' website but I'm curious as to the others where he is not involved.

RichP said...

It may be old news but I hadn't seen it until now. I'm going to hunt down the dates and venues now.

jamie said...

Can't find the full fixtures anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

It is an electic mix which, like you say, is targeting the worldwide sales department and publicity for snooker, just like world series is.

One question: Was any played asked asked to take part in the Premier League next season, but didn't accept due to other business commitments?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

i expect marco fu to nick it. Why? probably the only player who enjoys playing the rocket

Anonymous said...

everyone enjoys playing Ronnie.

no point being a profesional if you dont enjoy the challange of playing the best players.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:28

Yes you were. Ask nicely and Dave might give you a gold star. 'Look at me, I knew before everyone else!'

Dave H said...

Joe - as far as I know nobody turned it down

The fixtures and venues have not yet been published

Anonymous said...

it seems a strange desition that Selby isnt in it.

he adapted brilliantly to the format he finished top of the league on 10 points 4 wins and 2 draws out of 6 matches played Hendry in the semi finals and blits him 5-0.

he didnt do himself justice in the final losing 7-2 to Ronnie but Ronnie aside Selbys performance last season was the best ive seen under the shot clock and hes been snubbed this year. if i was Selby id be p**** off.

Greg said...

Totally agree, Selby should be in it, he did so well last year. Really stupid decision in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the anons on here say on a previous thread that Selby had deliberately lost to Trump 'as a favour to Hearn'

Shows how idiotic and deluded some of the people are who claim to have 'the inside track'

Anonymous said...

it was 1 of thoes comment that people say that he never expected to get wrong.

i dont think anyone expected selby not to be in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Cheers. Do we know whether there is a replacement list drawn up for whether players do pull out?

Am sure Hearn/WSA wouldn't want to get into a situation like last season with regards the Bahrain Championship/PL clash. Not the publicity the game needs (again) if the situation rises, eh?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

glad to see Barry has gone for current champions plus the asian number one and the greatest player to ever hold a cue.

SupremeSnooker.com said...

I pretty much agree with this year's invitations, but I find it massively disappointing that Selby has not been invited.
As has been stated on this blog many times, this is a commercial event and players are chosen with the potential for a large TV audience in mind.
Selby is a player who makes even the most casual viewer sit up and watch, and for this reason, I think Mr Hearn has made a mistake in leaving him out.
That said, which one of those players least deserves to be invited? Answer? NONE. The only one you could argue has not earned his place is Hendry, but his invitation is guaranteed for a good few years yet simply because of what he's achieved in the past, just as Steve Davis had been until this year.
Incidentally, I must apologise for the lack of updates at our website recently. It's run entirely by volunteers at present, and I, in particular, have been very busy with other journalistic commitments recently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anon @ 4:28

Yes you were. Ask nicely and Dave might give you a gold star. 'Look at me, I knew before everyone else!'

6:44 PM

firstly, as ive explained, no i wasnt. sorry that you are wrong, but you cant possibly know my thoughts on why i post something.

Dave wasnt asked for anything, let alone a gold star.

Thankfully Dave seems to have accepted my honest explanation about my posting and hasnt saw fit to reply trying to start an arguement about it, which is more than can be said about you.

Lastly, i never said i knew before everyone else. on the contrary i actually posted that id got the info from somewhere else, which to most semi intelligent folk would explain that i knew i wasnt first to know.

Now run along unless you really are trying to disrupt Daves blog.

I posted on topic, about the subject making a point about the names being in the public domain for a while.

You posted a direct dig and an attempt to wind up or **** me off which is exactly what this blog doesnt need!

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a chance Hendry would miss out but I'm glad he's still in it this year.

jewell said...

only 30k for the winner? the prize money has really gone down hasn't it.

Anonymous said...

Selby not being in this is a travesty. He's in the top three players in the world with Higgins and O'Sullivan. The line-up to me is a turn-off in terms of entertainment, Fu and Murphy are two of the most boring players to watch on the circuit. I think Barry's got this one very wrong and I for one won't be watching.

Anonymous said...

Really don't know how Selby's in the top three players in the world with Higgins and O'Sullivan.

You won't be watching is your choice, but I will.

Anonymous said...

Selby would have been World Champion if he'd beaten Higgins, one or two shots difference between them. I think you'd find most people in the know have Selby as a top three player, despite his developing habit of not winning anything!

What do you think Dave?

Anonymous said...

Prize money down ...

But the players are probably on bigger guarantees to turn up

Anonymous said...

"Really don't know how Selby's in the top three players in the world with Higgins and O'Sullivan."

Then you're blind mate.

I agree with anon 11:23am - Selby not being included is a travesty, especially given he reached the final of the championship league and also topped the table in the main event last year.

The real head scratcher is Marco Fu. We all know he's a good player but is he good to watch? I personally don't mind him but I wouldn't tune in especially to watch him and find Ding and Liang a far more entertaining box office material draw than Fu and I'm sure the rest of China and the Far East would concur.

Very disappointing that Selby isn't included but then they take no prisoners in the PL - just ask Mark Williams.

Anonymous said...

yes Mark Williams last PL Match was the 2005 final.

but i got to say Mark Selby played far better last year than Williams did in 2005.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Selby was in until Murphy did what he did in the worlds and world series after Selby lost the epic match of the season against Higgins.

They've missed a trick by leaving him out but you can't argue against the inclusion of Murphy.

Robertson and Fu are clearly there for tv audience purposes but I still think Ding should've got the nod over Fu. Alright Fu had a better season but Ding will bounce back and he's got a massive following in China and he's also produced some magic in the PL. The format suits his game down to the ground. I'll never forget his trouncing of Davis a couple of seasons back. I've never seen Davis look so perturbed!

Anonymous said...

Ding will bounce back is just an assumption. He keeps falling over the last 2 seasons so it turns out losing his PL place, no complain can say.

Selby played OK last season. In fact he should have beat Trump in the CL and get in. But once again, we cannot say anything about it and the field now is still strong as ever.

Anonymous said...

Selby played more than OK.

some of his play in that league was outstanding and only Ronnie has played anywhere near that well under shot clock rules.

Anonymous said...

There was a rumour a couple of months ago that selby was already told he was in. only a rumour mind (with no added creditable source)

Anonymous said...

I don't see why they can't have 8 players in the league and include Selby.

Anonymous said...

for the same reason they 'cant' have 9 persons in the league and include ***** *****

(there has to be a cut off, basically for theirs and skys calendar)

andy said...

I think this is a very fair selection of players. I love this event and watch it religiously every year.

I'm really looking forward to it. I think they have the format perfect now!


andy said...

Just read some of the other comments. I think it's very professional and credible the way Matchroom have justified each of their selection. It doesn't really leave too much room for argument.

Everyone has their favourite player and I can understand if they're annoyed that he isn't there (Selby for example). But if Selby would have gone further in the Worlds and won a couple of ranking events, he would probably have come before Robertson. After all, sport is all about results (and legends :o) ).


Anonymous said...

If it's about results then why is Hendry in there? Why is Fu in there? Why isn't Ali Carter, a ranking winner in there? Why isn't Ricky Walden, a ranking winner in there?

The plain fact is that Robertson won a mediocre 'ranking event' and benefitted from a great draw in the World Championship and coming up against the annual under-performer Maguire.

Fu made the UK final and is the top Asian player, the only justification for his inclusion. Dreadful to watch.

I'm shocked at the omission of Selby and also wonder why Carter wasn't invited. These two guys are big players in the future of the game, Fu may have peaked, Robertson will never be more than a top eaight player, Hendry isn't the player he was even 5 years ago, Trump, ok he is there by virtue of a result at least. But in my view only Ronnie, Higgins and Murphy truly deserve their place on results alone.

Anonymous said...

Robertson inclusion is well deserved not only won a Ranking Event he went from mid 20s provisionally at the start of the season to no 9 and starts the new season no 5 and also a World Championship semi finalist.

he was the player that improved the most from 1 season to another at the top of the game where it maters.

i dont by this nonsense about barhain being mediocre .it was a Ranking Event and if you label tournaments mediocre because some top players are missing then if players are injured and miss wimbledon that also is a mediocre tennis tournament ?

Anonymous said...

Robertson is not the most improved player of the year. To reach the World Semi Final he beat a woeful Davis, a totally out of form Carter and a very poor Maguire. He was then outclassed by Murphy, who din't even need to accelerate to beat him. Higgins by contrast had three matches against players at the top of their games in Cope, Selby and Allen (another who can be considered unlucky not to be invited). Bahrain WAS a mediocre event, and yes, if Nadal and Federer were not at Wimbledon I'd say the same thing about that. You can only win what is put in front of you granted, but it helps if what is in front of you is someone you are streets better than. To class Bahrain in the same league as the Welsh Open or even Shanghai is ridiculous. He has got in by virtue of his nationality, as has Fu, nothing else. If Robertson was English he'd be nowhere near the Premier League.

Anonymous said...

to go from provisional about 20+ to WN9 when he could have easily followed Doherty out of the top 32 showed fight.

Barhain is every inch equal to the welsh and China its a Ranking Tournament with Ranking status.

and if you think players pulling out devalues a tournament to that extent theres no point investing in future overseas tournaments because Ronnie will pull out of most and thus in youre opinion devalue the tournament so its pointless.

Anonymous said...

He's got a few years on Doherty!

What you discount is that he should never have allowed himself to fall so low down the rankings in the first place.

I'm not knocking him, he's a great player but he'll never be world champion, just like Maguire. He has benefitted here from his nationality, end of story, anyone that thinks he's got into this on ability is deluded.

On ability he is behind: Higgins, Ronnie, Selby, Murphy, Carter, Allen, Ding, Maguire and possibly Ryan Day.

Anonymous said...

that shows how great a player he is then winning 3 Ranking tournaments with in youre opinion less ability than thoes players.

not many have won 3 Ranking Tournaments or more.

Anonymous said...

if youre just judging by ranking tournament points then id agree with the poster who mentioned carter, but i wouldnt agree about selby on that point (about how well theyve both done the last year)

obviously though the criteria for this is a much bigger mix than what they did in "big" tournaments last year and that is fine as its Matchrooms tournament....

Anonymous said...

I can tell you all that Selby is seething at this, last season's runner up and let's not forget what a season he had in the premier league, this really is unbelieavable.

Anonymous said...

i can understand him not being overjoyed but surely he must understand there has to be a cut off point and that the tournament is invitational and the criteria for being picked isnt set in stone and is up to the organisers.

i am sure others have felt overlooked in the past, many with good reason too (as well as mark this year)

you cant just use his performance in it last year as the reason he should be picked IMHO.

lets say someone tops a group and is runner up but doesnt win a game on the main snooker tour or in other big non ws tournaments....that wouldnt hold water FOR ME, so the fact he done well in last years isnt quite enough for me to see he NEEDED to be included, though i would have liked to see him in it.

others have been picked on lots of things, not just what they have done on ws tour last year (and some of those picked didnt play last year so they cant be directly compared to selby and his performance in last years as they werent in it)

again, just my opinion.....

Anonymous said...

There is a perfectly valid reason that Selby has to be seething. It all goes back to Crondon Park.

Anonymous said...

i think leaving Selby out is the biggest shock ever in 24 years of the league.

i had him as a nailed on defanate.

Dave H said...

My understanding is that Matchroom wrote to Selby explaining their reasoning and that he wrote a cordial letter back saying there were no hard feelings, so he wasn't 'seething' then.

Anonymous said...

i think Mark is a layed back guy and he would accept that.

however it does make a mockery of the league when you have Selby winning 10-1 vs Hendry in the 2008 league and in 2009 Hendry back in and Selby not there.

i know its Barry's decision but suerly Selby should be there to give some credability to the league.

Dave H said...

My suggestion is to have two groups of five, thus meaning 20 group matches rather than 21

Then you could have Selby and Mark Allen and even Jimmy White (or whoever)

The way snooker is, there is bound to be one or two top players left out each year because the titles are more shared around than at any point in the game's history

Anonymous said...

i dont think Jimmy would be a viable offering because hes nowhere near venues or the top of the game and its not a case of wanting players in the league because theres cases for many even Stephen Maguire Last season winning 2 Ranking Tournaments in 2007/2008.

but Barry Hearn has put players in based on popularity and not on achievemant so if he had followed previous years protocall Murphy wouldnt be in and Selby would because he is more popular than Murphy and same with Marco Fu getting the nod ahead of Ding or Wenbo.

the only player in the League this year based on popularity rather than achievemant is Hendry.

im a Hendry fan but id have rather see Selby taking Hendrys place for Credability sake because he absalutly anialated Hendry last year in the League 10-1.

Matt said...

For me it goes back to what Dave said a couple of months ago about the Premier League, there is more to the selection criteria than simply form and Matchroom are well within their rights to select whoever they want.

I did have Selby as a certainty and agree that as far as form is concerned, he would have a better claim than Hendry.

As it is though Hendry is more likely to bring in the crowds and personally I'd rather watch him than Selby without a moment's hesitation. Ultimately I doubt that I would be the only one and that has to be a consideration for the organisers.

I mean if it were entirely about 'fairness', surely they should just invite the top 7 in the rankings every year.

Anonymous said...

yes but selby is more likely to bring in the crowds than Fu and Murphy together.

i thought Barry would have followed protacall this year like every other year and throwing the Form Book out of the window but he hasent.

Hendry aside the others deserve theire place there on Merit over the last season.

Anonymous said...

id rather watch an in form fu than either selby or purphy and i disagree with the OPINION that selby would bring in more than the other 2 mentioned

Anonymous said...

it appears to me that some folk on here, while obviously being entitled to their opinion, dont realise that the PL has no obligation to pick the top players in the WS rankings or players who have done well in the PL the year before.

the sooner they realise that fact the sooner they realise they are basing their opinions on criteria that doesnt add up.

yes there are players higher in the WS ranking than those picked and yes there are players who done well in previous years who werent picked the following year, but even though that is correct it has no bearing on how matchroom choose the players they want and so isnt relevant at all.

they choose who they want based on their own thoughts and even though not everyone agrees, they are not saying they pick players who are top of rankings etc and then going back on their word. they are in fact just choosing who they want, which they are quite entitled to do.

Anonymous said...

selby should be in it end of based on every criteria possible regarding the PL.

Twice championship League Runner Up and once Prem League Runner Up in the last 2 seasons.

its like Relagating Arsenal and Letting Newcastle have another chance.

its stupid beiond sense and i dont care if barry hearn knows that.

Anonymous said...

not based on the people at Matchrooms criteria (with 7 picks) and basically its only their opinion and pick that matters, so effectively you are completley wrong saying he "should" be in it.

in your opinion he deserves to be

but he certainly shouldnt "should be in it" as its their decision and theirs only.

some people just cant see that, or accept it when they do see it.

Anonymous said...

yes its theire decision.

but its a wrong decision nothing will dress it up as anything but WRONG.

its a league. if they have the cheek to call it a league .

what other league has the played finished top not in it following year?

its a joke contest and this decision is just adding fuel to the fire that the winner of this glorified exibition meens nothing.

Anonymous said...

no its not a wrong decision.

its a decision that you dont agree on, but its not "wrong".

take a look at yourself. youre either trying to wind folk on here up or you have completely lost your marbles as it CANT be a wrong decision.

its their decision to make and theirs only. it cant be wrong!

you are free to disagree with what their decision was/is, but that doesnt make it wrong!

Anonymous said...

finishing top and not in the league the folowing year is wrong.

you can say im winding you up if you want but thats the bottom line.

im stating they cant call it a league because in league theres promotion and relegation in this its pick and choose so its a exibition and should not take the name of a league in to it...

its Sky Exibition Snooker that meens nothing.

Anonymous said...

they can call it what they like
they can invite who they like

who they invite, what they call it and how it works cant ever be described as "wrong" by someone who just disagrees with (parts of) it.

happy marble search :)

Anonymous said...

if they can invite who they like i can call it a shambolic Rubish...

thats life.

Anonymous said...

yes you can call it that, but you cant say they are wrong when they plainly are not, unless you want to be wrong yourself.

Anonymous said...

If my memory is correct, Fu finishing top of the table in 2001and not in the league the following year. It's happened before and not being wrong at all.

Anonymous said...

well said.

Everyone is free to not agree but it doesnt make matchrooms choice wrong.

Anonymous said...

yes its always been wrong unfortunally or fortunally i wasent online then or i would have said exactly the same.

im consistant with my view and in a profesional sport it has no room for this shambolic system of picking players barry hearn likes to use.

Anonymous said...


Dave H said...

Ultimately Barry pays for this event with his own money, therefore he can pick whoever he feels will get him the best return

Anonymous said...

but hes not done that or Selby would be in it.

if he was thinking of return for his money Selby in Murphy out.

no disrespect to murphy but Selby fan base and suport is bigger.

Anonymous said...

Dave, its like hitting your head off a brick wall talking to some folk.

Everyone posting here has basically said Selby would have been a great choice but ultimately is Barrys decision, one he makes for his own reasons, and one he is certainly not "wrong" about.

Seems the last poster knows what is better for Barry than Barry himself does. HMMM

or else they could be at the wind up.....

you decide

Anonymous said...

Let's all face it, Selby should be in, although everyone else listed also deserves to be in too so it's a difficult one.

Anonymous said...

i disagree. selby shouldnt be in.

Anonymous said...


Barry hearn has made a mistake plain and simple the idiot.

what other sport makes decision based on who the chief exect likes and not ?

its got to have structure to it not based on preferance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mate, Barry is not belongs to the governing body and the PL is his own exhibition tournament. I am sure most of the fans and even Selby have no argument, except you.

Anonymous said...


We all know that it's Barry's decision and he can pick who he likes. I'm not at all sure that commercially Robertson and perhaps even Hendry make sense. But surely if it was purely to maximise returns he'd have plumped for Ding over Fu? I believe like a few posters that this is one of his very rare commercial mistakes (remember the Romford Rap anyone?). Leaving Selby out is a commercial error as is including Fu. Murphy deserves to be there on merit and will I'm sure attract an audience (probably two-thirds of whom will want to see him get beat), Higgins obviously, as the best player in the world is a shoe-in, Ronnie is untouchable.

So in short, replacing Robertson with Selby and Fu with Ding, in my opinion makes more commercial sense.

Anonymous said...

In your opinion, excluding your favorites means no commercial sense.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about favourites? If you are going to respond then perhaps you should read the post properly.

Popularity-wise how can anyone argue that Fu is more commercially viable than Ding exactly? Selby is also a very popular player on the circuit, not just here but also in China. I'm not sure that the Australian fan base is large enough to justify Robertson's inclusion.

He has also overlooked the claims of Mark Allen from a large and growing Irish fan base.

As someone who has been involved in sports promotion for many years, these are the reasons I think he's made an uncharacteristic mistake with the line-up. Absolutely nothing to do with favourite players at all.

Anonymous said...

point is he has gone with form rather than commercially viable apart from Hendry.

on form i have no problam with the other inclusions from Fu to Robertson, Higgins to Murphy but ive been told Barry Hearn picks players based on popularity for the league.

i can safetly say this year in the main he has gone with form book whitch i have to say surprised me.

it isnt a case of selby should or shouldnt be there but if Barry had picked on the criteria he has done for the last 20+ years Selby and Ding would have been in.

Anonymous said...

if he has gone with form then why is carter not in it?

look at his last years points!

so, the point is he hasnt gone for form apart from hendry

he has went with his own choices and he cant be wrong

you can have a different opinion but that doesnt make barry wrong


Anonymous said...

Higgins (World Champion)
Murphy (UK Champion/World R UP)
Ronnie (Defending Champion)
Trump (Qualified)
Fu (Best china man)
Robertson (Best Other Countryman)
Hendry (Legend)

to be honest Carter and Robertson is a toss up fact Robertson made the world semi this year swang it.

carter should be in last seasons league instead of Steve Davis who was shambolic.

what id do is replace Hendry with Selby and i think its a then a good line up.

Anonymous said...

to say murphy is boring is surely the silliest quote ever??