I would draw your attention to a couple of interviews with Stephen Hendry in his snooker room on 110sport.tv.

They find Hendry relaxed ahead of his 25th season as a professional and reflecting on his strong performance at the World Championship earlier this year.

Nobody likes being written off - least of all great champions - but it occurs to me that the best thing that can happen to Stephen is if everyone says he is past it.

With the pressure of expectation removed he could quietly find a bit of form and do some damage this season. Anyway, who cares what anyone thinks? It is only his own mental state that should matter to him.

The good news for Hendry's fans is that he seems to relish practising hard again, which has not always been the case in the last few years, and is up for yet another year on the circuit.

You can watch the interviews here.


Chris said...

Thanks for the links Dave.

jamie brannon said...

I think people do care about what people think, it is human nature. He needs to accept his best is behind him like Steve Davis did or otherwise he won't be around for much longer than three seasons. Are you going to put a link to your tipping column?

Anonymous said...

Think Hendry may be able to do some damage in the shorter tournaments over best of 9, 11 and then 17 frame final's but concentration over the consistent long frames i.e. uk and world's may be more difficult for outright success.

Also good to see Snooker Scene in WHsmith again, i've not seen it in there for years to be honest. As there been a new deal with them Dave ?


Anonymous said...


thats very contradicting to where he has played by far his best snooker for the last 2 seasons.

his best has been at the crucible over the longer format.

jamie brannon said...

Is your tipping column on Betfair? You seem to be going for the oldies!

Anonymous said...

He's past it.

Anonymous said...

Only time I've ever seen Snooker Scene for sale anywhere was in WH Smith in 2005 when Ding beat Hendry for the China Open, never seen it since.

Dave H said...

Smith's are supposed to sell us...doesn't mean that they do, though

Anonymous said...

ive seen snooker scene on sale in many shops even local family run newsagents.

Claus Christensen said...

Hendry's spirits seem very high and it was wonderful to see such optimism. I can't wait to seem him in action.