Davy Morris is a player who could be about to make a breakthrough.

He won the Republic of Ireland national title at all age levels - just as Mark Allen did in Northern Ireland - and has kept his place on the main tour these last three years, edging up to 58th in the world rankings.

Davy is just 20 and represents the next wave of Irish snooker. He has practised with Ken Doherty, who rates him very highly.

Of course, it's tough at the qualifiers, particularly for young players coming up against hardened match players.

That said, Davy today plays Jamie Cope who is, like him, a young, attacking pro. This will be a hard match but its style will suit the young Irishman.

If he wins he will be through to the televised stages of a ranking event for the first time in his career.


Anonymous said...

Come on Jamie Cope!

Monique said...

I wish David all the best. I have been in a few amateur tournaments recently including the EBSA European Champs and play-off in Belgium in June. I have been impressed by the dedication of the Irish coach and by the enthousiasm of the young Irish players. It's paying off, several of them got on MT this season, and snooker is the winner!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 9:12am - snooker may be the winner but I Cope to god the winner today is young Jamie Cope. It's about time he won a tournament, so why not start with the Grand Prix?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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