Mark Joyce has told his local newspaper that he is consulting a psychologist in an attempt to improve his fortunes this season.

World no.57 Mark, a former English amateur champion, reached the final of the Masters qualifying event last year but the rest of the season tailed off for him.

He’s wise to try something new in his approach to the campaign rather than just hoping his tried and tested formula will work.

Many sportsmen have consulted psychologists in an effort to give them an edge. The setting of goals and clearing of the mind can, in theory, have a positive effect.

Of course, there will be those who say it’s all nonsense and unnecessary but there are always people who are sceptical about things they don’t understand.

Visiting a psychologist won’t turn Mark into a world champion but it may keep some of the mental turmoil associated with snooker at bay and let him do what he does best: playing the game.


Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
This Mark Joyce caper should create a fairly good post for you Dave and a rush to “Snooker Psychologists” whether they are medically qualified people, home grown or just self inflicted good players using it as an extension to inadequate coaching.

A snooker player that needs this kind of help should not be ridiculed or even “kidded” as his sickness is real, and merely reflects the absence of snooker “Teaching” as opposed to the popular snooker coaching method of: “Watch Me” and I'll show you again.

Understanding the “Mechanics of the Balls” and the acceptance of “Physics in Snooker” would put many coaches and snooker psychologists out of work. Do you know Dave that some people with many luxury cars don’t know how to change a wheel if punctured?

This won’t go on show Dave by you, but like a thousand more posts and DVDs are perpetually on show else where. Mr hey you.

Anonymous said...

Hey you Mr Hey You, here's an idea.

Why don't you put a post on here and say what it is you actually want?

You've obviously got some issue or grievance that you feel needs to be resolved, possibly something to do with snooker coaching methods.

So why don't you actually say what it is, and we'll see if anyone can help you.

Anonymous said...

its good to see players taking the sport serious enough to try different things to give them a edge over others.

i don't know if it works or not but it wont hurt him so why not try it.

jamie brannon said...

Will Mark and the rest of the qualifiers be attempting to get to the Masters? There are no dates for a qualifying event as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Snooker The Fine Art Method.
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Mr 1:40PM
Thanks for the invitation but this blog has a personal censor on what you should and what you should not know.
Its more or less a simple question:- Was Joe Davis right to show copyright symbols on his books. Mr hey you

Eric said...

@ jamie brannon:
Masters qualifying runs from Oct. 26 to 31 at the World Snooker Academy in Sheffield.

JW said...

I can think of one poster who'd benefit from some analysis!!!

Anonymous said...

Off topic does anyone know how much 110 sport are charging for next week's qualifier's? Had a look on there website but can't find any price.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is directly involved with sports psychologists I think it's a really positive step that Joyce is taking. I can't believe I'm about to say this but in amongst the rantings of our favourite poster there was one sentence of sense, snooker players should not be ridiculed for seeking this help and I do think there exists an element of embarrassment in snooker that doesn't exist in the wider sporting world, this may be down to the immaturity of some players. All other sports use these methods and snooker should be no different. I seem to remember Jimmy using a sports psychologist some years ago and his game improved markedly. One person that I'm in direct contact with worked with a Premier League football team last year for a spell at the start of the season when they performed well above expectation, when he left they dropped like a stone, and he went back for the last couple of games of the season. Any fans of Hull City on here? It's him you should be thanking, not your daft manager!

Anonymous said...

i think its the same £2.99 a session.

Anonymous said...

Can you buy a 4 day pass for the qualifier's or a season ticket?

MMMBop said...

Site has changed a little, you can now buy a tournament ticket for £8.99.

Anonymous said...

You can buy a 4 day pass for £8-99.

Anonymous said...

yes its improved a 4 day pass for all session of the shanghai masters would have been £23.92

21 september 2 sessions =£2.99
22 september 2 sessions =£2.99
23 september 2 sessions =£2.99
24 september 2 sessions =£2.99
Tournament Ticket 8 sessions =£8.99

Monique said...

Trying to have a positive analysis of what's going on in one's game, on what's going on in one's head when facing pressure can only help. Some might be able to do that by themselves but most will benefit from the help of a professional. Of course, there are good and bad professionals (as in all crafts ;))and there are people you "go along" better than others: you need to find the right person. I wish Mark Joyce all the best and all praise to him to have the openess to try it and the honesty to speak about it.

Mal said...

Well, it didn't do him any harm earlier with a crucial decider win. I think sports psychologist are very important and can give people that extra edge - For some they have that anyway, for others you can see them wilt under pressure and sports psychologist help them perform at their peak for longer spells and reduce the effect of negative thinking.

Mal said...

And another win for Joyce and he'll be appearing in the last 32 at the grand prix. Coincidence or not?!

As you say, it won't turn him into a world champ, but it could help him become a more regular qualifier and make a better living from the game!

Anonymous said...

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