Ricky Walden, who defends his Shanghai Masters title next week, will switch sports to run the New York marathon on November 1.

"I’ve been doing a lot of running because it gives me discipline outside snooker, and it improves my fitness,” Walden said.

“It can only help my game, especially in the long matches, and that will give me more chances to win trophies. I’ve done a couple of half marathons before but never a full one. It could finish me off.”

Good luck to Ricky.

I did a marathon once, although it's known as snickers now.


Eric said...

Cool stuff, but I foresee a possible clash of schedules here if Ricky does well in The Masters qualifying, which ends Oct. 31 in Sheffield...

Anonymous said...

Hearn should do a biathalon of snooker and running and arrange a head to head between Walden and O'Sullivan!

Anonymous said...

while i am not a fan of him as a snooker player i enjoyed reading this news and wish him well

Sammy said...


Anonymous said...

Dear David
Please note that this following post was not ME (The nuisance), you should have noticed it was too well constructed.
Now you know Dave why I have been banned from three previous sites.

Mr hey you said...
Snooker The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared

No doubt the gospel according to modern day coaches has been translated into Mandarin yet Joe Davis name will not figure on these translated scripts.
The original transcripts were written and remain unthumbed and unappreciated.
Think it through as you drink your won ton dumpling soup.

Mr Hey you
Please Note Dave the gentleman has spelt my name wrong. Mr hey you