Here are the Eurosport transmission times for the Shanghai Masters...

Please note that most of the afternoon matches are on Eurosport 2, which will also show highlights in the evening.

(UK time, for Europe add an hour)
Monday, September 7: 7.45am and 1pm (Eurosport2)

Tuesday, September 8: 7.45am and 1pm (E2)

Wednesday, September 9: 7.45am and 1pm (E2)

Thursday, September 10: 7.30am and 12.30pm (E2)

Friday, September 11: 7.30am and 12.30pm (E2)

Saturday, September 12: 7.30am and 12.30pm (E2)

Sunday, September 13: 6.30am (E2) and 12.30pm

EDIT: it transpires that these are only the UK times. Eurosport International will show all the snooker on their main channel.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the live matches will be on Monday? i'm guessing Campbell vJun and Wenbo v Gilbert.

Dave H said...

Andrew Higginson v Tian Pengfei first up, although we have the facility to drop in on table two

Sammy said...

Cool, Higginson

Anonymous said...

Thanks David, thats another good matchup.

StraightontheBlue said...

Can it be that the afternoon matches are only on British Eurosport on Eurosport2?

If I look in the tv-programm of British Eurosport, then it is "divided" in ES and ES2

--> http://tv.eurosport.co.uk/search.shtml?query=snooker

If I look in the tv-programm of German Eurosport, then everything is listed in ES

--> http://tv.eurosport.de/search.shtml?query=snooker

Same thing if I open the programm of the single days.

Dave H said...

Ah, I only had the British schedule. It may be different in Europe, although it's going to be on one or the other so should be easy enough to find.

Anonymous said...

I think its time Eurosport went Interactive and offerered a choice of 2 tables.. I like Eurosport, but its like it hasnt changed a bit in 10 years. Still seems very "cheap".

Nottingham Snooker News said...

I believe that if you sign up to Eurosport's "Eurosport Player" on their website you can watch full coverage with a choice of table 1 or table 2. It costs just £3.99 per month or £34.99 per year, which is very cheap when compared to the likes of 110sport.tv.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:25 pm In Germany you can watch both tables (without comment) if you buy the "Eurosport webplayer". I don't know if this is also possible in other countries.

deubug said...

(UK time, for Europe add an hour)
end quote

That's Western Europe. 2 hours for Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria for example!