Ronnie O'Sullivan finished 13th in the first of two races at the VW Cup at Brands Hatch this weekend.

However, the newly crowned Shanghai Masters champion spun his Jetta into a gravel trap two laps from the end of the second race, where he was set to take tenth place.

O'Sullivan made his motor racing debut last month.


Anonymous said...

This is a snooker blog no?

Dave H said...

And Ronnie O'Sullivan is a snooker player

Anonymous said...


Can you confirm that O'Sullivan is now 100% with 110sport management or does he still represent Grove or is there a legal battle still going on?

Thanks, Joe

Anonymous said...

Ha ha nice reply Dave lol.

Black_cat from TSF said...

Well, Ronnie's always been in love with cars, ever since he nicked his father's for a ride around the block at 13, although the immediate consequences were, as they should have, terrible. :P (Reliable source, namely his autobiography.)
And it's great he's competing, although it IS a bit more dangerous than running.
Go for it, Ronnie! :)
(If the majestic Ole Einar Bjorndalen got olympic medals for cross-country skiing AND biathlon...)

Dave H said...

There's no legal battle as far as I know. Ronnie is believed to be heading back to 110sport.