Stephen Maguire has missed out on a 147 for the second successive day at the BTV International in Beijing.

The world no.6 missed the yellow on a maximum yesterday and today failed on the 14th black.

But Maguire, who two years ago became the first player to make a 147 in a ranking event in China, went on to beat Marco Fu 5-2 to reach the semi-finals.

Also through are Ryan Day, who beat Xiao Guodong 5-2, Liang Wenbo, a 5-3 winner over Mark Allen, and Jin Long, who defeated Tian Pengfei 5-1.


Anonymous said...

any more news on his match with Jamie that was investigated?

Anonymous said...

I think it is Tian through instead of Jin.

Dave H said...

The results I got from the promoters said Jin had won

Dave H said...

Hang on, it didn't say they were group matches. I assumed they were quarter-finals. Tian it is, then.

kimball said...

Dear David,

IBSF U21 is coming up, maybe material for you to have views about.

kildare cueman said...

Unbelievable the amount of people who ask if theres any newss on Higgins or any other disciplinary case.

Its as if they think its secret and they're going to be told when they ask here.

I have no connections to snookers inner sanctum but I know, just like the kid who keeps asking "Are we there yet", that we will be told when there is something to tell.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Dave
How are you lad! There seems to be a search for something “New” in snooker and the Dave Hendon Snooker Blog offers all members this “Opperchancity” to be a first.

I think that Mr Maguire and the other lads should have the “Opperchancity” to be heard.

Thanks Dave for giving the “Fine Art” method the “Opperchansity” to remind the world that we in GB carry the only copyright on “Snooker Coaching”. Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

i cant believe kildare wannabe finds it unbelieveable how many people ask about higgins. what is not to believe in the amount? its quite believeable when you see it yourself.

Anonymous said...

the word opperchancity, no matter how many attempts you take at spelling it, is sooooo last century. a bit like fine farting!

well done mr maguire for using your own ability and who cares who coached you or whether they broke copyright? certainly not many!!