Reigning Betfred.com world champion Neil Robertson and snooker legend Steve Davis will make their debuts in the Players Tour Championship in event 3 next month.

Robertson and Davis are among 88 of 95 eligible professionals to have entered, an increase on the second event.

The Australian plays Liverpool's Allan Taylor in the first round while Davis tackles Kurt Maflin, a Londoner now resident in Norway.

Among the intriguing ties are Jamie Cope v Ken Doherty, Judd Trump v Michael Holt and Dave Harold v Reanne Evans.

Event 3 runs from August 5-7.


Simon Davis said...

Which of the 92 pros have not entered a single one of these events?

Anonymous said...

Will we have live streaming?
If not for Event 3, ever?

Anonymous said...

simon, the only one i can think of that has not entered one of these is ding junhui so far not sure why dave any news on why he has not entered any of these yet?

Anonymous said...

Higgins (due to suspension) plus Ding, Hendry and Allen have not yet entered any PTC events. If they don't enter event 4 they will be ineligibile to qualify for the finals in March.

I assume they are all having a break and preparing for the new season and will surely be entering event 4.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hendry, Ding, Mark Allen are three of the top of my head.

CHRISK5 said...

Anon 7.57 AM - Players have to enter a minimum 6 of the 12 events
to be eligible for the PTC Finals.

So Ding,Hendry,Allen still have plenty of time - though,when they do enter - their results will have to be immaculate to make up
lost ground in the Order of Merit.

CHRISK5 said...

Sorry Anon - You were correct !

3 PTC & 3 EPTC minimum.

So,event 4 is very crucial for
Ding,Hendry & Allen.

Beyond that,88 of 95 pros is
an excellent turnout & the
increase shows the PTC format is gaining momentum all the time.

kildare cueman said...

Im sure the absent players in the ptc events are either honouring prior commitments or in the case of overseas players, spending time in their home country.

It is important for some players though to get involved pretty quick regarding the ranking points at stake. It could make the difference between being ranked 13 or 17 when the cut off point occurs.

Hendry in particular, if he plans to continue playing, really needs to get involved quickly. He would get blown away in the qualifiers with his current level, especially away from the cameras and the crowds where he cant rely on his opponents' nerves.

Wenbo looks like hes already sacrificed his top 16 place, but has youth on his side and will probably outperform Ebdon over the season to get back.

Funnily enough, the Chinese lads live in Sheffield and use the academy as a practise base so Id say Ding and Wenbo are a tad peeved with the combination of geography and scheduling which leaves them in this disadvantageous position.

Anonymous said...

Higgins PTC Finals chances have gone up in smoke Entry for PTC4 has to be in by Monday.

garymoss87 said...

I don't understand why pro players would turn this chance down.

Check out Mark Selby exclusive interview.


Anonymous said...

not many have turn it down but you got to understand players comitments.

i know Hendry had a commitments in china when some of the PTC is played.

the story of hendry and PTC will be told with the remaining events.

CHRISK5 said...

Everybody turns up to play in ripped jeans,t-shirt & trainers &
all looks good in the swashbuckling new era of snooker.

Only for Davis to spoil it all
with a grandiose limousine entrance
with cooled champagne aplenty & his immaculate tuxedo & bowtie to show off.

He has every reason to be happy as he tells an anonymous onlooker

'I don't know why,but for some reason Bazza gave me a generous
pocket money increase in June,
so I've been splashing out ever since '!

Anonymous said...

and the referee says "shake thy monied coins Mr Davis and call heads or tails".
Davis wins the toss and breaks from multiple cushions lending class apleny to proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Dave - is there a dress code for these events? And are the matches refereed?

Anonymous said...


players are not requested to wear a dress (though a couple of them may do so when relaxing at home)

Dave H said...

They are reffed. They have to wear a shirt with a collar, though this can include a t-shirt.