Stephen Hendry will face his teenage compatriot Anthony McGill in the opening round of the fourth Players Tour Championship event of the season next month.

Hendry is making his debut in the series having sat out the first three tournaments.

Ronnie O'Sullivan, a quarter-finalist in the first PTC event, also returns and will meet world no.12 Ryan Day in the last 128.

But Ding Junhui has once again not entered and is thus ineligible for the grand finals next March.

Players have to have competed in a minumum of three UK PTC events and three in Europe to be able to qualify for the big money finals.

In the standout ties in PTC4, world champion Neil Robertson faces Malta's Tony Drago, PTC2 winner Mark Selby takes on Zhang Anda, who qualified for the Crucible last season, and Matthew Stevens tackles James Wattana.

I counted 92 professionals in the field, meaning only three - John Higgins is still suspended - have opted out.


Anonymous said...

So as Mark Allen.

Anonymous said...

Mark Allen is in (Match 89). Just miscount it before.

Anonymous said...

what is the score with ding ?

i cant believe he hasn't managed 1 of the 4 dates it seems inconceivable that he would put himself out of the running so soon.


Anonymous said...

Hendry won't be at full stretch for this one.
7 World titles didn't enable him to play in this tournament.

Anonymous said...

Higgins, Ding and ?

Anonymous said...

"Hendry won't be at full stretch for this one.
7 World titles didn't enable him to play in this tournament."

can anyone make sense of that ?

i cant

Anonymous said...

Higgins, Ding, Carter, Burnett and S Davis.

Ding will also miss the last 2 events because of the Asian Games -that and his commitments in China in July have probably meant he realised he was always going to be struggling to play enough events anyway thus making PTC 4 a low priority (even though he is I think back in England that week)

pooler said...

looks like Ali Carter, Steve Davis and jamie Burnett all missing

surprised Ali is missing, he had said he would try and play in all of these

Anonymous said...


Of course he's understood, he'd just rather stay at home than fly half way across the world to play in a 2 bob knock-about.
What's wrong with that?

FlyingDutchman said...

Talking about Higgins.... any news from Sport Resolutions?

Anonymous said...

They're not 2 bob. It's £10k the winner of each and £60k the winner of the final.

He's been seriously mis advised.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a couple hardened night-spot bouncers who could make up into a snooker player under the new regime.
After all, we all have to eat you know.

Anonymous said...

players missing PTC isn't yet apparent however if they start the season poorly in Ranking Event every point could count.

Anonymous said...

10:02 PM

If these 2 bob events were being played in China - how many of the top British pro's would be going over there to play in them?
Had these events been scheduled once the snooker season was under way (which clearly wouldn't be easy as there are 12 of them) then I'm sure Ding would have played, but he clearly prefers to spend more time at home relaxing than have to travel backwards and forwards to Sheffield which would probably end up costing him more money than he would have earned anyway.

Anonymous said...

talking of the far east

sangysong or whatever its called had a half empty arena.

these places might be watche by millions on tv, but even they are not immune to living folk not bothering to venture to see it live....or at least having it in arenas too big too fill, which is the key here...

Anonymous said...

any sign of Steve Davis in the event I know he didn't enter the firt two.