In terms of the professionalism of the launch, Power Snooker today made a promising start.

Journalists gathered at the Courtyard Hotel in the heart of central London were treated to a video presentation of the new concept by Ronnie O’Sullivan plus a press conference featuring O’Sullivan, Power Snooker promoter Rod Gunner, Barry Hearn, ITV head of sport Niall Sloane and Maurice Kelly of Rileys Clubs.

Power Snooker consists of matches of 30 minutes duration where points count rather than frames. There are nine reds racked in a diamond formation. The middle red is a ‘powerball’ and if it is potted all points scored in the next two minutes are worth double.

Any balls potted from the ‘powerzone’ – baulk – are worth double. A century is worth 50 bonus points.

There is a 20 second limit per shot and the audience at the O2 arena are required to make noise, rather than remain silent.

Power Snooker is designed to appeal to a more youthful audience than the traditional game. Players will wear microphones to catch their reactions.

The field is expected to consist of O’Sullivan, Neil Robertson, Ali Carter, Ding Junhui, Shaun Murphy, Mark Selby, Jimmy White and Luca Brecel.

It will be screened live on October 30 in two four programmes on ITV4, marking ITV’s return to snooker after nine years.

Trevor East, a former ITV head of sport, is in charge of international television distribution.

Gunner said that the plan was to stage a launch event and, if all goes well, have a global series taking in China, Europe, the Middle East and the USA with a grand finals in the UK.

So what do we make of all this, then?

It wasn’t Hearn’s idea but he is supporting it. “When Rod came to me with Power Snooker I was very receptive, as we should be to anything new,” he said.

“I was excited that this could help bring a new, young audience to snooker, which the game needs.”

However, Hearn stressed several times that Power Snooker was not designed to threaten the established form of snooker.

He said he had ring-fenced the ‘crown jewels’ – the World Championship, UK Championship and Masters – and left them immune to format changes.

O’Sullivan was less diplomatic. “I find the World Championship a bore,” he said.

“I know it’s the pinnacle of the sport and I’ve won it three times but 17 days in Sheffield is draining.

“People want to turn up, have a buzz and move on.

“Power Snooker is a challenge. It’s the future of snooker. People have to realise it’s the year 2010. We’re not stuck in the 1970s any more.”

Actually, Power Snooker is not intended to be the future of the game. It’s a standalone concept that nevertheless dovetails with Hearn’s ambitions to globalise the sport and better project the personalities of the players.

The truth is, Ronnie gets bored easily. Most things seem to bore him in the end. If he was playing Power Snooker every week it would bore him eventually.

That’s just how he is. If I were promoting a tournament he’d be the first name on my list of players but PR isn’t his thing.

I like Ronnie’s honesty and willingness to just speak his mind but I don’t agree with him. The World Championship remains a hugely popular sporting event because of the slow burning drama it generates.

As Hearn said, “it has created moments you couldn’t buy. It isn’t boring, it’s just different to Power Snooker.”

He added: “Ronnie’s not out of leftfield. He’s from somewhere else entirely. That’s why I love him so much.”

The first line of O’Sullivan’s obituary will mention the number of world titles he has won. This remains the ultimate achievement of any player.

His glib comments may have overshadowed the launch, which is a shame because Gunner, who has a very successful background in the entertainment and marketing sector, is clearly a man with bags of enthusiasm and the resources to back it up.

“We want people to get into snooker through Power Snooker,” Gunner said. “Twenty/20 cricket has encouraged people to watch Test matches and we hope to do similar.”

Perhaps the most significant part of this whole enterprise is the return of ITV to the fold.

Sloane has worked with Hearn through the PDC Grand Slam of Darts, which brought a large audience to ITV4.

“I didn’t need too much persuading,” Sloane said. “Every sport needs to look at itself on a regular basis.

“The trick with reinvention is not to destroy what made it popular in the first place. We don’t want to destroy the traditional game.”

15 red snooker will always be my preferred version of snooker but I am not against any form of innovation if it gives the players more opportunities and raises the overall profile of the sport.

Not everyone will agree – and they are perfectly entitled not to – but I think people should at least watch Power Snooker and give it a chance.

And it’s worth remembering that snooker only exists because other cue sports were changed and adapted.

100 years ago, billiard players regarded snooker as a fad that wouldn’t last.

Well, the ‘fad’ has done pretty well for itself and it should be relaxed about genuine attempts such as this to expand its reach.

I’ll leave the last word to Hearn, because he invariably has it.

“We live in a sh*t world,” he said. “It’s depressing. But every now and again you can do something to put the smiles back on people’s faces. And life’s always better when you smile.”


Marcus Stead said...

I was a bit worried when I first read about this. It all sounded a bit 'Tenball' meets 'Pot Black Timeframe' to me!
However, now I've had a chance to study the format, the addition of the shot clock seems to eliminate the fairly obvious flaws of Pot Black Timeframe.
Tenball was never shown in my ITV region but there are elements of it in this format (the reds in a diamond, for example, although there are fewer of them this time around).
Good luck to all involved with this- it's great to have Trevor East back involved with snooker. He did a lot for ITV's snooker coverage in the 1980s and with Sky Sports after that.
I have nothing against new innovations like this but I hope they are AS WELL AS rather than INSTEAD OF traditional snooker, which is still by far my favourite format of the game.
A word of warning, though: these sorts of things can fall flat on their faces: A very early PDC (then WDC) darts tournament experimented with a quadruple ring on the board. The idea was never heard of again!

Anonymous said...

looks excellent. hats off to all involved, including ron.

pity he couldnt stop himself from making idiotic comments (about the worlds) during the launch though

kildare cueman said...

Great idea this power snooker.

Anyone who bemoans this type of thing is just a little bit shortsighted.

Snooker was dying. Now its on an upward curve, but it desperately needs to attract new young fans in order for it to survive in the future.

The game in its current form, while an incurable addiction to the likes of us, does not have sufficient sparkle to attract teenagers and young adults.

This is where power snooker, sky shootouts, world cups and suchlike play their part.

They should be seen as a vehicle to ensnare new fans, into what is an acquired taste in todays market.

There is no possibility of these events taking over from regular snooker.

Big break didn't take over. Pro-celebrity snooker or pot black timeframe didnt take over. power snooker won't either.

Detracters should get over themselves and see it for what it is. A bit of fun.

Take no notice of what O'Sullivan thinks, he'll probably think the opposite tomorrow.

I'd rather see a "bastardised" version of the game on TV on October 30th than no snooker at all.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie should NEVER again be used in promotion he shoots from the hip talking garbage.

his promoting skills is the equivalent to Mr Blobby in a china shop.


Anonymous said...

I hope this is a success as a snooker spinoff but lets not confuse this with actual snooker- it would be more helpful if this new game to be played here was not called snooker but 'diamond snooker' as this would avoid any confusion that this is actually the same game as what is played normally under the name of 'snooker'.
I hope this is a great success and a step towards getting more proper snooker tournaments - surely someone wants to promote and televise the world cup!

CHRISK5 said...

Sky Sports & ITV will get criticized for only televising
novelty,short formats.

But,we should be glad of their
renewed involvement in Snooker broadcasting again.

Will these initial 'tester' events convince them to be 100% on board &
televise a Ranking Event or Major Invitational by 2012 or 2013 ?
We hope so.

Luckily for the players,I will still count 6 reds,Shootout &
Power Snooker as 'Career Titles' !

All of a sudden - PTC & PTC Finals
seem hardcore traditional formats
by comparison !

David Caulfield said...

As long as it doesn't infringe on 15 red snooker - and for the foreseeable future it wont - then I'm all for this venture.

To be honest, it all sounds quite exciting and a lot more enticing than 6 red snooker.

Can't say I'm a fan of ITV but it's good to see snooker now will be on four different and powerful television networks. Encouraging!

porridge said...

Let's just say that the software that does the counting and clocks and everything must have quite a sophisticated engine. I predict enormous technical difficulties and human mistakes. Forget the World Cup, it was nothing. :)

Everything always work on introduction videos.

I welcome the microphones, I really do. Sky Sports haven't mentioned anything about microphones for the Shoot Out event, have they? Now someone bring on the heart rate monitoring as well, that should be even more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared.
Dear Dave
Thanks for the posts! You have been very kind lad and showed real courage bucking the system. Pro’ Snooker has always had baggage and I don’t mean our Contrary Friend Mr X whom I will now call “Mary” for identification only.

The discord in snooker goes back to the eighties and early nineties when the old “Dry Snooker Clubs” were reinvented more like “Night Clubs” with plush carpets and lots of snooker tables and one arm bandits.

It’s great to see ITV back in snooker. I wonder if Dennis Taylor will now get measured for a brand new ITV Blazer though the old one didn’t get much use before the chop.
Good luck also to the brave Ronnie for finding his branch of “Entertaining Snooker” everything is worth trying Dave.

There seems to be a bit of desperation out there Dave for something “Snooker” new. I don’t think there will be much difficulty lad attracting bids for “Snooker The Fine Art” method when I need a few bob especially with the worlds only “Sports Copyright”. Mr Hey You

Trophymad said...

Oh I can't wait! This is my kind of Snooker and even though I disagree with Ronnie about the WCS being boring I do agree with him about Power Snooker. Too bad I can't be there in October. Would sell my soul to the devil for it!

Dave H said...

There's one snag in that poll I've put up: it appears to be impossible to vote

It's like North Korea round here

Trophymad said...

Why is everyone so mad at Ronnie, just because he said that he finds the Worlds to be boring? He spoke his mind and didn't insult anyone, so? What's the big deal? He finds it boring and if you know Ronnie a bit it can't come as a big surprise, can it?

Anonymous said...

I see Mr Hey you managed to make a connection between power snooker and the fine art.


Anonymous said...

8.29 your right!

If i turn up to a press conference i don't want to listen to a monosylablic-talking player, sounding like he is reading from press release, like PMQ's at the House of Commons.

O'Sullivan may let slip, but a great soundbite for quotes, better than anyone on the circuit. And, with the Rocket there, the chances of more inches in the press are a given,surely that is what the sport wants right now?

Great to finally have another tournament bar the Masters in the South. Think you'd have to go back at least 6 years to find Brighton/Bournemouth on the calendar. Now two in the Capital! About time

Anonymous said...

Trophymad - you're new to snooker aren't you? Thought so.

Betty Logan said...

God, this Power Snooker sounds horrific...there is a reason why Snooker is the premiere televised cue sport and not Pool, and people should remember that when coming up with these new formats. People who don't like snooker but like a cue sport tend to like pool, so if they want to find new audiences why don't they stage something on the style of the Lindrum Masters and merge the audiences for the games?

As for the world championship not everyone wants to have "a buzz and move on". Many fans want to savour the epic battles it throws up. Ronnie is a runner, and he should appreciate that snooker needs its sprints, its middle distance event and its marathon.

Anonymous said...

he slagged off the top event of the organisation (WS) that he plays in and he has made a very good living off of.

while he probably thought it was good to say that, to get the juices flowing to exagerate how exciting this event will be, he effectively is adding fuel to fire about how boring normal snooker - the game that got as all interested in the first place - is.....

if hes that bored with it, id rather he gave it up and played mickey mouse events like this only.

Anonymous said...

Trophymad hes told all the new fans We hope Barry Hearn will bring in to the sport not to bother watching the Worlds its Boring.

its like a footballer at a 5 a side match saying dont bother watching the FA Cup stay with this.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I know why Ronnie's comments should (or are) of any relevance to the sport.
Great sportsman are not necessarily shrewd in any sense of the world.
Maradona couldn't manage his highly skilled country to World Cup glory any more than dear old Sevvy could galvanise a European Ryder Cup team.
Ronnies thought and views on snooker remind me of a big group like U2 sending political messages to their fans between songs on stage.
Pretentious? moi?

Betty Logan said...

I don't think Ron's right about the WC but he does take a progressive view of the game which is much needed at the moment.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother once told me than anyone who uses the phrase "boring" is invariably a crashing bore.

hegeland said...

Sounds dead boring to me. Might be fun to watch for about half an hour.

Anonymous said...

Sadly snooker fans don't understand the sport has to reach out to other people than snooker fans. The comparison with billiards a century ago is spot on: if these dinosaurs had been around then snooker wouldn't exist at all.

Anonymous said...

Yet again worldsnooker.com is well ahead of the game...by not reporting the launch at all!

Anonymous said...

"Yet again worldsnooker.com is well ahead of the game...by not reporting the launch at all!"

same way Bullseye was never mentioned on the sport pages in the 80s

Anonymous said...

Ronnie not getting enough attention in the close season attempts to hijack the power snooker launch.
"Snooker is boring etc....zzzzz"
Wake me up when you are done Ronnie, you one trick pony fine exponent of the game which can never be denied blah!!!
Chip on shoulder talented nut-job nothing more or less.

Anonymous said...

Another dinosaur

And we know what happened to them...

Anonymous said...

ronnie only says things that he knows will get a reaction even though he doesnt agree with the crap hes saying. he is quite an insecure person .if he finds a player may take a bit of the limelight off him then you can gaurantee he will slag that player. selby, holt ,hendry a few years ago. I would rather see mr hey you do the PR for snooker and thats desperate. This new event seems a bit big break and also only a few players involved. good for them but not all members. if it helps to create future ranking events then great but that could be ages away .

Anonymous said...

Ronnie thinking out loud similar to Thorne/Hallett in a commentary booth.

Anonymous said...

the mastery of Ronnie the player is tarnished by the pointlessness of his spoken word.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why everyone should get so worked up about O'Sullivan's spiel, we all know he'll wake up tomorrow and say the opposite thing. Great player, strange human being. Although this event sounds a bit rag tag, the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Let's hope this event and the shootout event are successful so Sky and ITV take on more events.

CHRISK5 said...

If Ronnie is in no state of mind to win another World Title,so what

Most of us would like the sports
World Champion to be happy,cheerful
& appreciative of such an accolade,
good ambassador & role model.

Neil Robertson is the true flagbearer & deserves to be.

The major bore of the World Champs
is Ronnie's 15th 'I might retire speech' after each exit.

I would add - Hearn knew Ronnie would say that 'soundbite' & that it would get shallow publicity,
Hearn then steps in as the
voice of reason & moderation.

All superbly worked.

CHRISK5 said...

Other shorter formats are simple.

6 REDS - Highest break of 75.

SKY SHOOTOUT - 25 sec,20 sec &
15 sec shotclock at every 4 minute

The Power Snooker format is hugely complex & as alluded to - will the players understand it & can the
technology software cope with it.

But hey,more snooker is better than no snooker !

I will watch some of it out of
sheer curiosity & for a good laugh.

Trophymad said...

@ 09.17: Yes I'm relatively new, just watching Snooker since 6 years.

Okay I do understand that Ronnie introducing the Worlds as boring to potential new Fans isn't the desireable way to got but aside from this... I'd rather have a player speaking his mind then watching an smiling automaton saying what he was told to say...

Anonymous said...

In terms of the professionalism of the launch, Power Snooker today made a promising start.

...until Ronnie opened his mouth.

Anonymous said...

The original POWER SNOOKER:


Heres hoping Mr Hey You doesnt question if it has a copyright.


Keith said...

It will interesting to see Luca Brecel. Also, who on earth will ITV have in the commentary box I wonder?

I think (for once) Ronnie has a point. There's no reason why the Crucible has to last 17 days, if Wimbledon manages with 13 and the Open Golf 4.

I would much rather see two shorter tournaments than one long one. We could still have longer matches at the World Championship, just not quite SO long that the players reach exhaustion and produce a disappointing final.

Anonymous said...

Just because O'Sullivan isn't mentally tough enough for World Championships (he's won three, but should have won far more with his talent) doesn't make it boring.

And how does making the sport more confusing (as Power Snooker seems to do) make it more attractive to audiences?

southerner said...

I really feel sorry for the referees. Having to remember all those different points tariffs!

Anonymous said...

Snooker © The Fine Art Method
A secret is wasted if not shared
Dear Mary @ 10:50 pm and hello Dave.
Thanks for the plug! With your persistent reminders Mary dear the “Fine Art” method could be sold off or in auction mode long before I’m ready for serious “Talk”.

When Ronnie O, Barry and others have finished “Playing Around” with the beautiful game the “Fine Art” method will come to the Snooker Addicts rescue with “The Purity of Snooker”

There’s no hurry Dave as Copyright is near enough for ever or the owners “Running Time” plus another seventy years.
Seriously Dave I think that Barry and Steve will have the game well organised along with wee John’s release round about Christmas Time or the year after. Mr Hey You

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that every time something like this is floated, Mr O'sullivan is wheeled out to say how crap traditional Snooker is.
It feels like Snooker is being run to please him and keep him interested.

Dave H said...

To clarify: what Ronnie said was not pre-arranged. Everyone at the top table went out of their way to say traditional snooker was not under threat and neither should it be.

Ronnie's comments came after a question being answered by someone else. He chipped in, off the cuff, without thinking of the repurcussions, which is how he has always been.

Hearn looked pretty embarrassed but did his best to make light of it. When the press conference finished, he turned to the person next to him and said, 'now I just need to strangle O'Sullivan'.

However, I don't think the comments damage snooker or the World Championship. If anything they just damage O'Sullivan himself.

Trophymad said...

I still don't see the damage. When Ronnie spoke about the size of his penis in front of the chinese press: That was damaging.
But saying "I am bored by the worldchampionship" is just a fact, the way he sees things. so what?
I don't get it.

Betty Logan said...

If you forget about the mickey mouse formats for a moment then it's a real accomplishment for the players to be getting back on to two channels they have previously been banished from.

Betty Logan said...

Dave, how does one actually lay a snooker in Power Snooker? This may be a dumb question, but do they have the colours as well as the reds because from your description it sounds like there are only nine balls on the table plus the cue ball?

kildare cueman said...

I don't think O'Sullivan meant that the world championship itself was boring.

I believe he was alluding to the 17 days in Sheffield, which to somebody with O'Sullivans attention span is an awful long time.

He is generally, unable to perform carefully choreographed soundbites like Davis, Murphy, Doherty etc.

When you ask him to speak in public he is liable to say anything that comes into his head, depending on his mood at the time.

Thats just the way he is, and no matter how many squeals of disapproval that emanate from this blog, he is never going to be a promotional maestro or anecdotal expert.

Perhaps if Hearn intends to use him again he should limit his activity to waving at the crowd or chalking his cue and let somebody with a bit more cop do the talking.

Anonymous said...

Hearn looked pretty embarrassed but did his best to make light of it. When the press conference finished, he turned to the person next to him and said, 'now I just need to strangle O'Sullivan'.

Assuming Fred Done doesn't get there first!

Anonymous said...

One question that's been niggling me Dave, do you know if the person involved called Ed Simons is one half of the Chemical Brothers? Or is it someone else entirely? I just noticed a reference to upbeat music in the pack.

jamie brannon said...

You take O'Sullivan's comments about the game with a pinch of salt. He has always had a contradictory nautre, next week he will be saying how much he cherishes the World Championship.

Also, I think he just meant that he finds his stay in Sheffield boring as opposed to the actual snooker.

Dave H said...

No it's not that Ed Simons

Dave H said...

The colours are on the table as usual

Dave H said...

I've removed the pioll because, for some weird reason, most people can't vote in it.

Executor said...

1) The number of ROS haters on this blog is just plain astonishing. I don't get it. Has a man no right to express his opinion just because his name is "O'Sullivan"? Damn I remember Mark Selby to throw in some pretty stupid comments following his Crucible final appereance some years ago, and no one cared. Peter Ebdon and some other guys had some stupid comments regarding Hearn's plans to take over World Snooker, and no one cared. Even Shaun Murhpy is known for some of his comments and no one really cares, either.

2) I think, and you might jump out of you heads-full-of-hatred if you want, that there is no such ambassador of snooker, no such attraction to wide audiences, and probably never will be, as Ronnie is - except perhaps John Higgins and Steve Davis. I remebmer when John, Steve, Shaun Murphy and Ryan Day held first-ever professional snooker exhibition in Prague, Czech Republic, it draw an incredible amount of people to the venue. Year after that, when an exhibition called Battle of the Kings with Ronnie O'Sullivan vs. Neil Robertson has been announced (which Neil won 6-4 while making 147 break in the process), the snooker community there and in the neighbouring Slovakia has been flat-out shocked. It took me 1 hour to get a ticket but it took me a month to realize what has been achieved by luring ROS here. Year after that, the Battle of the Kings 2 has been announced, with Mark Selby and Peter Ebdon taking part, and 1/3 of people didn't care. Take a minute and think about it. But to do that, I am afraid you would have to understand what significance it has for Eastern Europe fans to have a possibility to watch top professional snooker, regardless of who's actually playing, LIVE.

3) And I am even no primary fan of Ronnie O'Sullivan. Actually, Michael White and Andrew Higginson are my 1 & 2. (This for all of you who might want to accuse me of being a ROS lover).

4) As for the PowerSnooker, I do not like it. Sound too weird, much too different. I think the OneForSeven format implemented by Global Snooker should have got a chance, maybe even on the professional circuit. Too bad it didn't.

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know, there is an interview with O'Sullivan on the BBC Sport website saying he wants to win the World title one last time. It really is best to ignore what comes out of his mouth and let his cue do the talking


Anonymous said...

The only person Ronnie O'Sullivan cares about is Ronnie O'Sullivan.

He must be the most unpleasant, selfish person I have ever met on the snooker circuit and the way he has been pampered over the years makes him feel he is untouchable, which in effect he is.

Anonymous said...

ive been trying to avoid Ronnies idiotic comments now for almost two decades and that is why (directed at the numbers posts poster) i and probably many many others have no time for him as a person (but still rate him as a very very special player)

unfortunately, the powers that be tout him like a peanut performing monkey and so, we hear the rubbish far far too often.


Betty Logan said...

Ronnie's no diffeent to anybody else really - as the internet has taught us all too well, if stupid people are presented with the opportunity to voice their opinions many of them will!

Anonymous said...

oh he is very different...

the high high majority of professional snooker players (or sport stars for that matter) do not assault press officers or ask for oral sex at press conferences)

Anonymous said...

Dave, you were there, did Ronnnie really say it? It is reported at Eurosport Russia site  As ever O'Sullivan was sarcastic about the organizers of the world championships: "Snooker lost a great deal of its ability to entertain when they had adopted the rule which prohibits to concede the frame you have no chances to win. Then they prohibited swearing though I've done it in low voice. It can be said that every rule is meant to get the control over the sportsman. The players became more like prisoners. One cannot make the new rules only to punish the man who doesn't obey the system. I'm too proud to lick somebody's boots"



Agree with 12.18am.

Seem to recall reading somewhere that before this year's WC, Ronnie said in an interview (with 110sport.tv?) that "the WC is a great event"...

Anonymous said...


Selby and Ebdon has never damaged the Reputation of the sport like Ronnie has yesterday you can post all the Pro Ronnie Rubbish all you like but Snooker fans can not see what Ronnie said yesterday without feeling sick.

Anonymous said...

I blame Hearn, he know's what Ronnie is like, he aint the smartest person you would take to represent your sport. Then again snooker need's Ronnie, more than Ronnie need's snooker..

Trophymad said...

@ 11.30: I am a Snookerfan and I heard what Ronnie said at the press conference and I'm not feeling sick, not a bit.

Can we come back to the subject, which is Power Snooker, I guess. I think that not only Ronnie will benefit from the concept. There are pther players at the tour who play attacking rather then safe, too. Mark Allen, for example and also Neil Robertson. He's a brilliant potter and this Power snooker calls for brilliant potting. Also the raining worldchampion is "one of the worlds best longpotter" and the fact that longpots (pots from behind the Baulk line will probably quite often be longpots) count double in Power snooker might come in handy for Neil, too. I think that Mark Selby will have his difficulties with Power snooker because there's not much grinding time if the frames are limited to thirty minutes...

Betty Logan said...

Selby will go and win it now and confound us all! Actually, Selby is not incapable of playing under time restrictions - he was runner-up in the Premier League (and winner of the round-robin) and also the Pool world champion, so I expect Selby will adapt to the conditions better than most players.

jamie brannon said...

Ebdon has done very little in terms of promoting snooker. One because of his playing style and secondly through his allegiance with a hierarchy that had helped to stagnate the sport.

Anonymous said...

well if the Ronnie way of Promoting is what we seen other day lets hope he retires to Dubai and never speak again.

Anonymous said...

its quite fair to say that from the high majority of snooker players i know on the circuit, in person and from reading this and other websites that Ronnie is indeed looked upon by so so many as an outstanding talent, but also is a total bombscare when it comes to things like this.

Anonymous said...

11 49 no-one is going to care or give you a penny for your fine art crap. only you think you are of any importance.

Anonymous said...

Can we all stop talking about what ronnie said and get back to power snooker. I think it is brilliant. it will be great to watch on T.V as it is fast and exciting and it will be even better to watch live, the atmosphere will be awsomne as the crowd can get involved.

Dave will you be going to watch this live? because it looks awsomne.

james said...

Dave I have just been on to seetickets.com and power snooker tickets are being sold from as little as £20 up to £70. This is a great invention, so I think we should buy our tickets before they are sold out!