The One Show will tonight include a feature on the late Alex Higgins, including an interview with Jimmy White.

The programme starts at 7pm on BBC1.

EDIT: Jimmy is now unable to take part but the feature will still be aired.


kildare cueman said...

Irish TV channel rte done an hour long programme on Higgins's life a couple of years ago.

It was very good and I think one of the English channels may have also shown it.

It will probably pop up again soon. Keep an eye out for it. Well worth watching.


I will be wacthing it. I can not wait. R.I.P ALEX HIGGINS X

Sonny said...

I just watched it and thought Patsy Fagin did a great job. Not bad for an 11th World Champion.

Anonymous said...

yes Gaby Logan coming from a sport background that was slightly embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Patsy Fagan is considered in London as a giant of the game and quite rightly in my opinion.
A wonderful bloke and a former world class player.
A good choice by the BBC to appear on the show.
Well done to them.

Dave H said...

He was very good on the programme, I agree

Anonymous said...

its sad in a way many younger people consider Patsy Fagan no more than a Journeyman Pro.

Patsy was so much more than that Even with such players as Dennis Taylor,Cliff Thorburn and of course Alex Higgins around he was touted Late 70s as the player most likely to succeed Ray Reardon as a multi World Champion but it never happened and the emergence of Steve Davis put a stop to it.

Andy said...

Thought I'd watch it on the BBC I Player, but it looks like it's been cut. The episode on IPlayer is about 21 minutes instead of the 30 mins for the others.

Any reason?

kildare cueman said...

Yes, Fagan won the inaugural UK championship and was virtually unbeatable in money matches, which back then were more common than now.

His career disintegrated as a result of his well known problems with the rest.

He was invited in 1986 to play in the Irish masters, where on route to the semis, beat world no.2 Tony Knowles 5-4.

Mal said...

Anyone know of a link to this as it is not on the One Show link on the BBC as it has been cut from the One Show for some reason (as the above poster said - does anyone know why?)

Betty Logan said...

Who the hell is going to watch this just for a report on Newquay and an Eastenders update? Maybe what they did was cut the crap out and chucked away the wrong bit?