Further to my post about Neil Robertson yesterday, Hector Nunns of the Daily Express has got to the bottom of the Aussie's shoulder injury.

You can read his story here.


Anonymous said...

And an interesting piece at the bottom of the page:


It's also interesting to note that there are far fewer bookmakers offering correct score bets on the Maguire/Burnett match than other games.

Anonymous said...

Dave where do all the players stay during the tournament? Are they all in the same hotels, if so do they give each other the evil eye over breakfast and console each other in the bar at night?!

Monique said...

Following first anon post

Yes and also this


is this a new development or just usual procedure?

Anonymous said...


It's news to me that the police are now involved!

As for the lack of prices, it's unusual in that it's a match at the World Championships. However, the bookmakers may not be offering odds because of the on-going investigation, and maybe do not want to give any adverse publicity while the outcome is still pending. The bookmakers themselves want to make sure that things are above board, because if no-one bets, they make no money.

I suspect that WS may be dragging its feet as long as possible on this. Anything that reflects badly on the sport will send potential sponsors running in the opposite direction. If you can wait as long as possible from when an adverse event happened then any bad news will not seem as quite so bad if you announced your findings when the inicident is fresh in everyone's mind.

As the events were widely reported at the time, including statements from the bookmaer involved, VCBet, it is difficult to know what can be the hold-up. The news that the police are involved would certainly explain this, although if the police are investigating any potential wrong doing, I'm not sure it is something WS would comment upon.

Anonymous said...

This whole match fixing thing has just gone wild...

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Sorry, posted in wrong place!